Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Changing Trends in Engagement Rings

As the design trends for engagement rings are constantly changing, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest creations. A very noticeable trend that is arising is ergonomic designs taking center stage. These usually consist of a sleek design with a stone that doesn’t take up up all the attention of the ring. The benefit of this subtle design is that the stone won’t get in the way if you are going out for a day of shopping or a night on the town.

When choosing your ring design, it’s important to consider that you will be wearing this ring for a very long time – ideally for the rest of your life. For this reason, it may be wise to go with a classic and more traditional design, since it’s probably fair to say it will never go out of style.

Nevertheless, in the tradition of staying with the latest design trends, here are a few of the popular designs that are trending now:

Cut: Popular diamond cuts that are trending now include varieties that have lots of facets. Cuts like Asscher, cushion and princess cut diamonds as well as the traditional oval and pear shaped diamonds are back in high demand in recent years. Though timeless, classic cuts are becoming few and far between even though they offer fire-like sparkle and elegant charm.

Setting: There is a clear rise in demand for sleeker ring settings such as bezel, tension and hammer set stones. Just like the cut of the diamond, the setting in which it lives is also moving away from the classic designs.

Metal: While gold is often considered the reigning king of jewelry, platinum is making huge inroads with the latest market. Platinum stands for purity, elegance and durability, and is the new favorite when it comes to making trendy engagement rings. Also, the silver tone that platinum provides can really bring out the accents in multi-faceted diamonds that are growing in popularity. Two-tone rings are also gaining popularity, with the most popular choice being yellow gold and platinum.

Color: Though once an afterthought for wedding rings, colored diamonds are gaining traction in the modern marketplace. Choices such as canary yellow, black, pink and blue diamonds are soaring in sales compared to 10 years ago. Even brown diamonds are seeing a boost in sales, though they still rank among the least desirable of diamond color choices.

No matter what your engagement or wedding ring preferences happen to be, there is no doubting that the market is shifting into a new and modern direction. As your wedding approaches, be sure to keep informed of the latest designs that are available so that you will sparkler like your diamond every time you look at your ring.

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