Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wedding Sparklers are a Growing Trend

When most people think of sparklers, they think of New Year's or the 4th of July. However, Many brides and grooms are opting to have wedding sparklers at their wedding for a variety of reasons. Whether you're thinking about using them for your sendoff line (sparkling tunnel), as centerpieces for your reception tables, or just as inexpensive wedding favors for your guests to enjoy; wedding sparklers are a fantastic way to bring some "sparkle" to your wedding.
Wedding Sparklers Pictures
Why Use Wedding Sparklers?

Many people are probably asking themselves "why would I sparklers at my wedding?" That answer is really quite simple. A wedding is supposed to be about pomp and parade; a spectacle to behold that demonstrates your love for one another. What could possibly be more spectacular than sparks flying; just like the day you met?

As the use of wedding sparklers becomes more widespread, the options and style of sparklers that are available also increase. There are several styles and colors of wedding sparklers available, and as time goes by more and more designs are being released. These styles cover everything from tasteful, elegant sparklers to over-the-top 36" wedding sparklers that produce huge effects. There are even heart shaped sparklers that were specifically designed for weddings and romantic occasions.

Below, we will discuss 3 different ways you can use sparklers for weddings and layout how each can be executed in a way that fits the type of day it should be.

Wedding Sparkler Sendoff Line
Wedding Sparkler Send-Off Line

Using wedding sparklers as part of your send-off line is one of the most popular uses at weddings. All you do is hand out sparklers to your guests or place them in a highly visible are with instructions.. When it's time to do the send-off line, each guest will light their sparklers and hold them in the air as you move down the send-off line. This will surround by sparkling beauty raining down on all sides as you exit the reception hall. Nothing adds magic and whimsy to your special day like a wedding sparkler send-off line, and this makefor great wedding photos..

Sparklers as Wedding Favors

Another popular use for wedding sparklers is to use them as wedding favors. Everyone already loves sparklers, so they make a viable cheap wedding favor as well as add excitement to your wedding. You'll be shocked at how many compliments you receive when you hand out sparklers as favors, and most guests are certain to use them on the day of your wedding. You can also use them as part of your decorations such as centerpieces and bouquets placed in a vase at the center of your reception tables.

Wedding Ceremony Finale

Just try to imagine standing in front of all your friends and family ready for the big kiss at the end of your ceremony. Suddenly you hear that wonderful phrase, "I now pronounce you man and wife". As your magical kiss ensues, a spectacular burst of sparkling magic begins behind you. There is nothing more exhilarating than a kiss accompanied by the power of a wedding sparklers display, and the photos will tell the story. Take it from me; your guests will be talking about your wedding ceremony well after the last glass of champagne has been finished.