Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 Things to Consider When Using Wedding Sparklers

Sparkler Announcement SignWedding sparklers can be and amazing addition to any celebration, and there are literally dozens of great ways you can use them on your special day. However, it is also important to prepare your reception for everything that is needed to use wedding sparklers, as well as to be aware of potential mistakes you can avoid. Below, you will find 5 things to consider when using wedding sparklers that will help you get the most out your purchase and make your wedding as fantastic as possible.

Check with Your Venue in Advance

While this may seem like a no-brainer, you need to check with your ceremony or reception venue in advance to make sure you can use wedding sparklers in the first place. Although it is fairly rare, some venues don’t allow the use of wedding sparklers at all or require them to be used outside; or even require a permit or additional deposit. While most venues allow you to use wedding sparklers indoors unless prohibited by local laws, you should always check with your venue before making a wedding sparklers purchase you might regret later.

Consider Having an Announcement Sign

Having an easy to see and attractive announcement sign can clear up any confusion among your guests before there is ever an issue. By simply letting your guests know that you will be having wedding sparklers as part of your event, you are giving them a “heads up” about what to expect. Also, this will let them know when the wedding sparklers are going to be used, which can help you avoid having to tell everyone in person when the appropriate time to light them will be.

Decide on a Location

It’s very important to plan out a perfect place to use your wedding sparklers before your event begins. If you are using your sparklers outdoors, the options are much vaster because there are less obstacles and fire hazard with which you would be concerned. If you are going to be using your wedding sparklers indoors, make sure you have a nice open area with good overhead clearance that is away from any paper decorations or other flammable materials. If you plan your area in advance, you can safely use your wedding sparklers either indoors or outside with very little effort on your big day.

Make Sure You Have Enough Matches or Lighters

One of the most commonly overlooked details when planning to use wedding sparklers at an event is to make sure there enough matches or lighters for your guests to light their sparklers in a timely fashion. The last thing you want to happen is for your guests who lit their sparklers first to have them burn out before everyone has theirs lit. One popular choice for lighting wedding sparklers quickly is to have some barbecue lighters, an open flame such as a large candle, or even using another sparkler. By having a fast and efficient way to light your wedding sparklers you can ensure a very smooth sendoff line without any hitches.

Have a Place to Dispose of Used Sparklers

Though your wedding sparklers shouldn’t be a hazard after they are finished burning, it is a very good idea to have a bucket of water to drop the hot sticks into. The wire core of your wedding sparklers will remain hot for up to a minute after they are finished, which can melt garbage bags or plastic containers; as well as potentially light paper on fire. By placing a bucket of water in a location everyone will pass as they head back to the reception, they can simply drop their used wedding sparklers in and they are immediately cooled off; which will eliminate any fire risk completely.