Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Tips for Photographing Wedding Sparklers

Sparkler Photo Probably the most desirable and popular facet of using sparklers at your wedding is the fun and excitement they can bring to your wedding photos. Simply adding some lit sparklers to any part of your ceremony or reception can make ordinary pictures turn into unforgettable moments captured on film. However, depending on how you will be using your wedding sparklers and whether your photographer has taken pictures of wedding sparklers before, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your photo shoots. Below, you will fun 3 tips for photographing wedding sparklers that will help you get the most out of your experience.

Choose the Right Length

While this may seem obvious to many couples planning their wedding, having sparklers that burn out before you can get those memorable photos is the fastest way to disappointment. When determining which length of sparklers to purchase, you need to think about the amount of time you will need to be posing for pictures as well as the amount of time it will take for everyone to get their sparklers lit and into position. It may seem like 1-2 minutes of sparkler is enough, but if you have to coordinate several people getting lit and into position; this can quickly prove to be much less photo shoot time than you expected.

Plan Everything in Advance

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate length sparklers based on the type of photos you are after and how many people will be involved, the next thing you should do is plan out all the details in advance. By creating a good strategy for everything from the order people will light their sparklers to exactly where they will be positioned, you can eliminate any last second hang-ups or errors than can cause your sparklers to be wasted. Also, it’s a good idea to have a fast and efficient way to light your sparklers to save as much of the “sparkle” time for your wedding photos. Grill lighters (barbecue lighters) or candles care a great choice for this purpose because the large flame lights your sparklers quickly; or you can use another lit wedding sparkler to get your going.

Camera Settings

If you have a very experienced wedding photographer who has capture sparklers on film before, then this part will already be handled for you. However, if you are having a friend act as your photographer or have a professional that has never done this type of work before, there are a few things to keep in mind for your photos to turn out.

Depending on what you will be doing with your sparklers, there are a few techniques that can be used to capture them in photos in perfect clarity. If you are going to be writing shapes or words in the air with your sparklers, you will want to make sure you have the exposure set to a much longer time. It is a good idea to experiment with your camera settings in advance using only one sparkler at a time to get everything correct before lighting several sparklers and having everyone get into position for the final shoot.

If you are going to be getting photos of your sparklers during a sendoff line, first kiss, or other similar type of scenario, then you should be able to use the same settings you use for nighttime shots. Since most people use digital cameras these days, you should likely be able to see the results on your screen immediately. The same rule applies as with the method above; practice your shots in advance to fine-tune the camera settings and take as many pictures as possible during the event. This will give you the most photos of your wedding sparklers to sort through and find the ones that turned out the best.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in California

Wedding Sparklers in California With California having such a huge population, it is easy to see why people are wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in California. Also known as “The Golden State”, California is home to massive cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Sacramento; just to name a few.  With a state population exceeding 38 million, California is home to tens of thousands of wedding each year; driving the need for wedding sparklers to be sold year round. Also, many people flock to the state to have their destination wedding with beautiful beaches, stunning mountain ranges, and unparalleled weather. Places like Napa Valley are on the top of the list for many couples looking to have a romantic destination wedding getaway, and many couples take advantage of having their honeymoon in the same state to save money without compromising the adventure of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, California fireworks laws are very strict and items such as sparklers can be very difficult to find during certain parts of the year. The good news is that there are mail-order companies setup to address this issue and give peace of mind to couples searching for where to buy wedding sparklers in California. Though there is a bit of a delay in shipping and it requires some advance planning, ordering your wedding sparklers by mail and having them shipped into the state will save you time, money, and the headache of finding them at a retail store.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

As we mentioned before, California can have some pretty strict laws pertaining to the use and sales of fireworks. The laws can vary from city to city and county to county, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the local ordinances before seeking out where to buy wedding sparklers in California. Many places only allow fireworks to be sold around the 4th of July, and there may also be restrictions on the time of year that using fireworks is allowed. Also, with wildfires being a constant threat in California, there may be seasonal restrictions when it is a dry month or there is a state-wide drought.

Furthermore, you will want to check with your wedding venue before purchasing wedding sparklers for your California wedding experience. Some venues may require extra insurance or deposits before you are allowed to use sparklers, only allow them in certain areas on the property, or not allow their use at all. The last thing you want to do is spend some of your precious wedding budget on sparklers only to find out that you can’t use them when your big day arrives.

As long as you do your due diligence in advance and have a firm understanding of all the local laws, you should be able to have your wedding sparklers shipped in plenty of time for your celebration and have no problems being able to use them at your wedding venue in California. Most venues are more than happy to give you all the help and information you need about the local guidelines, companies that ship wedding sparklers to California usually can have them delivered in only a handful of days.

3 Fun Wedding Reception Games

Wedding receptions can be a lot of fun whether you are doing something traditional or something unique like these 3 fun wedding reception games. While many couples opt to stick with classic and time-tested practices, there are several new and exciting traditions emerging as younger generations begin to put their mark on the wedding industry. We will go over 3 fun wedding reception games below that you may not have ever thought of or that will give you inspiration to create your own brand new tradition.

Roll the Dice

Many couples are looking for ways to make their wedding reception more fun and interactive for their guests. One great way of accomplishing this feat is to integrate games into parts of the reception that are otherwise ordinary.

One of the most common ideas is to add a new twist on the traditional act of clinking glasses to get the bride and groom to kiss. Instead of having to endure this noisy tradition, you can have couples at each table roll a dice and if they roll a certain number; they have to kiss. If they roll a different number, the bride and groom have to kiss. This simple type of “roll the dice” game will make the kissing moments at your wedding reception more fun for the guests and less irritating for you.

First to the Buffet

Another game that many people are choosing is a “first to the buffet” game. While it has been common practice to have tables go to the reception buffet one at a time, in a sequential order, this normally mundane event can be leveraged into a fun addition to your wedding reception by simply turning it into a game.

Simply have someone walk around to each table and have them either draw a card or roll some dice to see what thy get. The table with the highest card or number on the dice gets to go to the buffet and dish up their plates first, followed by the next highest number and so on. There are certainly other ways to decide which table “wins”, so use your imagination and creativity to give this fun game your own special touch to make the event even more memorable.

Honeymoon Destination

Probably one of the most controversial wedding reception games is also one of the most fun and memorable. However, it takes a very open-minded couple to want to have their guests participate so directly in the choosing of their honeymoon destination, so this wedding game is certainly not going to be for everyone.

Basically, the bride and groom make a list of the places they would enjoy going for their honeymoon. The more honeymoon destinations that are on the list, the better; but make sure they are all places you would actually want to go since it may be the place you end up going. Next, you have a few options. You can either write all the destinations down on paper or draw one from a hat, or you can hand out “ballots” to each of your guests. Each guest then places and “x” by whatever honeymoon destination they are voting for and put their ballots into a box. A delegated person from the wedding party, usually the best man or maid of honor, counts the ballots and announces the winning destination. The bride and groom then make reservations and plan their exciting getaway.

While some couples would obviously prefer to choose their honeymoon destination themselves, this can be a fun and exciting wedding reception game for an adventurous or indecisive couple.