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Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Illinois

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Illinois
Wedding sparklers are a very popular addition to any Illinois wedding, so it’s no surprise that many couples wonder where to buy them on short notice. Fortunately, there are several great online store to accommodate this need, which is good news considering sparklers can really warm up a wedding on a cold day in the middle on an Illinois winter. Often called the “Prairies State” or the “Land of Lincoln”, Illinois has a rather large population for a Midwestern state and thus is home to a very large number of weddings each year. Though they are known for large cities such as Chicago and their very long and cold winters, the state has many great things to offer upcoming brides which have led to a growing number of couples wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in Illinois.

Variations of Sparkler Types

With so many types of sparklers available for purchase, knowing the difference can be vital to make an informed purchase. The last thing you want to do is buy sparklers for your wedding that you end up not being happy with, so understanding the differences between the various lengths, shapes, and colors can be a make or break chunk of knowledge.

The first thing to keep in mind id that the longer your sparklers are, the longer they are going to burn. For instance, 36 inch sparklers will burn much longer than 10 inch sparklers because they are 3 ½ times their length. Additionally, because they need more support, longer sparklers are typically thicker which assists them in burning longer and also creates larger and brighter effects.

Wedding sparklers that come in various shapes such as hearts or stars as well as colored sparklers are essentially the same as regular sparklers with their added features. Shaped sparklers obviously come in their intended shapes, and color sparklers come in the color option you purchase. However, shaped and color sparklers typically put off more smoke, so they are better for outdoor use compared to the traditional gold colored wedding sparklers that are smokeless and can be safely used indoors.

Follow the State Law

Illinois has fairly loose regulations on using consumer fireworks such as sparklers around the 4th of July, but certain areas of the state can clamp down about during other times of the year. Like most states, the regulations around using sparklers can vary across the state, so always consult the Illinois fireworks laws before you decide to have sparklers at your wedding ceremony or reception. You’ll also want to make sure your venue allows using sparklers indoors, and this is especially important if you’re having your wedding during the winter because ventilation can be an issue during the colder months. If it’s too cold outside to open a window, you may not be able to create the amount of smoke that sparklers put off indoors without creating a choking hazard. As long as you clear it with everyone, you should be able to have fun and enjoy what sparklers can bring to your wedding reception without breaking any laws or creating safety issues.

A Few Historical Facts about Illinois

Illinois became the 21st state to join the union in 1818, but the state has changed a bit over the last nearly 200 years. When it was first recognized as a state, the capital was Kaskaskia and its government was housed in a small building rented by the state. In 1819, the capital moved to the city of Vandalia and it remained there for the next 18 years; though the physical building changed 3 times in that period. Finally, in 1837, an effort led by state representative Abraham Lincoln successfully relocated the capital to its current location in Springfield where they erected yet another capital building. The last step on the journey occurred in 1867 when the sixth capital building was constructed, and still serves as the Illinois capital to this day.

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Sparkler Tip #3: Have Enough Space

Sparkler Sendoff Line
One of the most important things to remember when planning your sparkler sendoff line is to choose a spot that will offer plenty of space and give a good backdrop for your photos. Proper planning can often make the difference between a fun and stressful experience, and there are also obvious safety issues to keep in mind. The amount and type of planning you will need to do will vary depending on whether you’re planning to use sparklers indoors or outdoors for your sendoff line, so having what you want to do determined well in advance can make the whole process a lot easier.

Using Sparklers Indoors

If you are using your wedding sparklers indoors, there are a few things to keep in mind. First off, you’ll want to make sure that your state laws allow for indoor sparkler use as well as your reception venue itself. Many states don’t allow you to use sparklers indoors, and venues can be even stricter on this matter.

If it’s allowed and legal, the next thing you’ll want to do is make sure there aren’t any fire hazards around. Make sure you give your guests plenty of space to safely use their sparklers without fear of injury or any other potential concerns. You will also want to make sure that your sparklers are low-smoke or smokeless if you are going to use them indoors to prevent smoking everyone out of the reception hall.

Using Sparklers Outdoors

If you are using your wedding sparklers outdoors, you have some extra options and an overall easier planning program versus using them indoors. However, you also need to be aware of how dry the weather has been because you can easily cause a fire outdoors if you are in the middle of a drought or in a dry climate.

Also, you’ll want to make sure you setup your sendoff line away from trees, brush, or any overhead obstructions to ensure you aren’t creating a situation that has fire-prone possibilities. You also need a good plan for extinguishing your used sparklers such as a bucket of water, as well as a contingency in case a fire breaks out such as fire extinguishers and logical evacuation routes.

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Substitute Diamonds: Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia?

Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia as Substitute Diamonds
Though most people immediately think of diamonds when they think of engagement rings, there are several substitute options like Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia that are just as visually stunning but won’t break your bank. Though the word “fake” often carries along a stigma that leaves a bad taste in the mouth, buying fake engagement rings is becoming more common because it is only the stones that are not real and they look the same as real diamonds but only cost a fraction of the price. Most commonly, your substitute diamonds will be one of two man-made stones; Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia. There are a few differences between these stones and, if you’re in the market, it is important to understand that advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Moissanite as a Diamond Substitute

Though Moissanite is not actually a man-made stone, many people still place it in the “fake” stone category. In reality, it is a rare mineral and its uses date back to the early twentieth century. However, genuine Moissanite is so rare that it is almost exclusively lab-created to fulfill the demands the jewelry industry has placed on manufacturers. Discovered by Henri Moissan around 1900 AD, Moissanite is a mineral that is comprised of silicon carbide. Because of the durable structure containing crystalline polymorphs and it’s completely clear appearance, it is one of the most common synthetic stones produced today and shows up in jewelry designs of nearly every price level.

Furthermore, Moissanite has one of the most brilliant synthetic stones on the market, which makes it one of the most appropriate diamond substitutes available. Registering at 9.25 on the Mohs scale, it is one of the hardest stones available compared to diamonds (10 on the Mohs scale) eclipsing precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, and tanzanite which clock in at a mere 9.0 on the same scale. Some people also believe that Moissanite is a better choice over Cubic Zirconia because it has inclusions instead of being flawless; making it more like a genuine diamond.

Cubic Zirconia as a Diamond Substitute

Probably the best known diamond substitute in the world is Cubic Zirconia, and this is primarily because they are much cheaper than their Moissanite competition. Cubic Zirconia was first introduced in 1974 when manufacturers first started commercial production and they have become increasingly common ever since their inception. Like real diamonds, Cubic Zirconia stones are always cut by individually; but they are also 100% man-made and manufactured to be completely flawless which is virtually impossible in a naturally formed real diamond.

Additionally, Cubic Zirconia stones are not as hard as Moissanite stones and register at 9.0 on the Mohs scale. Also, because they are machine cut rather than cut by hand they tend to be more fragile and are susceptible to having cracks as part of the manufacturing process. However, if you are looking for the best looking ring for your money, many people opt for Cubic Zirconia versus Moissanite because it is much less expensive and there are more options in an affordable price range.

Though the two stones are very similar in appearance, the decision of which to buy comes down to the factors that are most important to you as a consumer. If you want a stone that will be closer in appearance and quality to a real diamond, then you want to go with Moissanite. If price is your primary factor, Cubic Zirconia is the better option because it is the most affordable. Regardless of which stone you choose to purchase, buying substitute diamonds is a great way to save money while still getting all the visual beauty of a genuine diamond.

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Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Idaho

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Idaho
Many couples find themselves asking where to buy wedding sparklers in Idaho, even though it’s not one of the first states to pop into most soon-to-be weds minds when planning their destination wedding. However, Idaho has many hidden gems that make it an ideal place for a wedding such as beautiful mountain ranges, vast areas of forest and wildlife, and unbelievable lakes and rivers. Also known as the “Gem State”, many people who visit Idaho find that this namesake really embodies the natural beauty that the scenery of its landscape portrays. All this natural beauty has led to a surprising amount of demand for destination weddings in the state, and as such the number of people looking for where to buy wedding sparklers in Idaho has also risen steadily.

Different Varieties of Sparklers

One thing that many people don’t know when buying wedding sparklers is that they are actually quite different from the type you use on Independence Day or New Year’s Eve. Besides the fact that they come in much more elegant packaging that has a color scheme and graphics better suited for a romantic event such as a wedding, they also are made to be smokeless so you can use them indoors. This is really important because most receptions take place inside, and nobody wants to get smoked out while using their sparklers. Wedding sparklers can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, but most commonly they will be gold in color and 10 inches, 20 inches, or 36 inches in length. You can choose to buy your sparklers in various unique shapes such as hearts or numbers, but the standard stick type sparklers tend to last longer and burn more consistently.

Know the Regulations

Like all states, Idaho has made its own rules and regulation regarding the use of wedding sparklers. Some areas of the state only allow them to be used around the 4th of July, while other areas are a little more lax and allow their use year round. Regardless of what time of year you are planning to have your wedding, you should always contact the local authorities to make sure that using sparklers at your wedding is in line with the Idaho fireworks laws before you make your purchase. You should also check with your venue to make sure you can use them at all, or if they require an additional fee, permit, or fire insurance to be purchased for their lawful use.

A Few Historical Facts about Idaho

Unlike most states in our country, the name Idaho has somewhat mysterious origins. It came from congressional lobbyist George M. Willing suggesting the name “Idaho” citing that it derived from a Shoshone word meaning "the sun comes from the mountains" or "gem of the mountains". Later on, Willing came clean and informed he made the name up completely. Though congress named the area the Colorado Territory in 1861, a community named “Idaho Springs” was created and later inspired the state’s final name; or at least that’s our best guess.

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Sparkler Tip #2 – Make an Announcement

Sparkler Sendoff Line SignOne of the most common mistakes that couple who are having sparklers at their wedding make is that they forget to make a formal announcement about how and when to use them. Unless you tell your guests when the appropriate time is to use the sparklers you provided is, you run the risk of your guests using them before the intended time or worse; not being ready to use them at the time you originally planned. There are a few simple ways you can make an announcement about your sparklers, and they may be easier than you think. Below, we have listed a few of the most popular methods to help give you some ideas.
  • The most common way to make an announcement about your wedding sparklers is to have either your music DJ or a representative from the bridal party verbally tell everyone over the PA system. This is probably the most effective method because it ensures everyone will get the message, and also serves as a great way to inform your guests about other information such as where your sparkler sendoff line will be and what they need to do to get ready.
  • Another popular choice is to have a sign at the entrance of your reception hall to inform your guests as they enter. This is particularly useful because you can also place your wedding sparklers by the sign to have the distributed in a simple and orderly fashion. Many couples buy premade signs that are printed on cardboard or thick card stock, but other creative ideas include chalkboards or even hand-painted billboards with thorough instructions.
  • Yet another option is to place your wedding sparklers on the reception tables themselves with a little announcement card or tent with information such as when you will be using the sparklers and where the designated area for their use is located. If you are using them for a sendoff line or something that is coordinated, you will want to give them some type of formal instructions to reduce any confusion that may arise.
No matter how you choose to make the announcement to your guests regarding the use of your wedding sparklers, you can see from above that taking the time to do this will result in a simpler and less stressful event. There is nothing worse than trying to coordinate a bunch of guests at the last second or have them use their sparklers too soon, which can really ruin your sendoff line or other intended purpose. Make sure to use your creative skills and figure out a fun way to make the announcement and it will surely add some extra fun to your magical day.

Why to Avoid Silver Engagement Rings

Why to Avoid Silver Engagement Rings
Though silver is considered to be a precious metal, grooms should avoid buying silver engagement rings and there’s good reason why. I know it may seem like a great way to save a little money versus more expensive precious metals like gold or platinum, but the fact of the matter is that silver is simply an inferior metal for jewelry meant to last a long time. If you’re looking for proof on this matter, you should look no further than the price of the metal itself. The free markets tend to appraise precious metals based on their usefulness and intrinsic value, so seeing that silver is a fraction of the value of gold or platinum should be an obvious reason why to avoid silver engagement rings regardless of how tight your budget is.

However, if you’re like most thrifty shoppers, you will not always believe there’s a direct correlation between the cost of a metal and its ability to be turned into a high quality ring. Truth be told, there are many items such as certain fashion lines that are very trumped up and carry prices tags ten to twenty times higher than they should be just because people are willing to pay the price. However, silver actually has a laundry list of flaws that make it a poor choice for engagement rings, and I have listed a collection of those reasons below.
  • Silver tarnishes easier than most metals, and it is also more flexible and malleable than most other metals which makes it easy to bend. As you wear your silver engagement ring over the years and put in on and off, it will start to become misshaped and turn more into an oval.
  • Beyond being easy to bend, they also scratch and pit very easily. Fortunately, while there isn’t much you can do about shape distortion, you can keep the silver ring looking nice by polishing it every few months.
  • Silver engagement rings are not water friendly. You must remove your silver ring each time before washing your hand or going into the water or else it will tarnish. Each time you take off your ring, you run the risk of losing or forgetting it; especially in a public restroom or other public location.
  • Silver is typically less pure than other precious metals and contain impurities or other alloys which can cause skin irritations or rashes after extended exposure times. If you are more sensitive than the average person, silver rings can even cause your skin to turn black or green.
  • Though buying silver rings that are plated with other precious metals like yellow gold, white gold, or platinum is a popular choice the plating is usually very thing and will rub through in a short period of time. Also, if you opt to go with white gold, the plating is already plated with rhodium to give it the white coloration from where it gets its name. Plating a metal with a metal that is already plated is a bad idea as it hastens the timeframe that the plating will wear off.
  • Because silver is so much less expensive, the gemstones you’ll find are usually non-precious or fake diamonds such as cubic zirconia. While you can rarely find a precious stone set into a silver ring setting, it’s very uncommon and the selection will likely be slim.
As you can see above, there are many reasons that silver engagement rings are cheaper than other more traditional types of rings, and for good reason. When buying an engagement ring, you truly get what you pay for; and I think you should take your time to save the right amount of money to get a ring that you both will cherish forever. After all, isn’t she worth every penny?

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Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Georgia

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Georgia
Whether you’re looking for a country style or riverboat wedding, high demand has led to many couples wondering where to buy sparklers in Georgia. The state of Georgia has a very unique landscape and culture you can’t find anywhere else, making it a dream location for many brides looking to plan a destination wedding in the south. Also known as the “Peach State”, Georgia’s hospitality and down-home charm is just as sweet as its nickname suggests. Whether you’re talking about Atlanta, Savannah, or another area of the state, they host thousands of weddings each year. The large volume of weddings held there each year has led to a sharp spike in the demand for wedding sparklers, and most people aren’t interested in buying sparklers packaged for patriotic holidays from their local store.

Varieties of Sparklers Available

If you are looking at the types of sparklers available for your wedding, you will probably notice that there are dozens of great options available. Manufacturers have begun catering to every whim of the wedding market with such creations like heart sparklers, star shaped sparklers, and even sparklers that have neon colors! Most commonly, wedding sparklers will be at least 10 inches, 20 inches, or 36 inches long and produce gold colored sparkles. It is important to buy quality brands for your wedding instead of buying the absolute cheapest sparklers, so look for a reputable company that has a large selection and fair prices. Choosing a premium sparkler company will help you get the best product for your money and keep your purchase in line with your budget.

Adhere to the State Laws

Georgia is one of the unique places in the country where the rules pertaining to using wedding sparklers can vary from county to county. While there are Georgia fireworks laws that apply globally to all areas of the state, each county has the right to dictate certain restrictions on what time of year and what locations sparklers can be used without permits. While most areas don’t tack on additional conditions, some counties require permits, fees, or other regulations in order for you to use your sparklers legally. Also, you should check with your venue because they also have the right to impose their own restrictions and limit the areas at the venue that you’re allowed to use your wedding sparklers or not allow their use at all.

Brief Overview of Georgia’s Rich History

As one of the original thirteen colonies of America, Georgia has a very rich history that is tied into the legacy of our great country. Founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733, Georgia was originally inhabited by mound building cultures before the European settlements moved in. After the Revolutionary War and America claimed its independence from Britain, Georgia became the fourth state to officially join the union by ratifying the constitution on January 2, 1788.

Sparkler Tip #1 – Check with Your Venue

Check With Your Venue Before Buying Sparklers
So you were at a wedding and saw how fun and elegant wedding sparklers can be as part of your celebration. But hold on one second, have you thought about checking with your venue? While we certainly don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade when it comes to their ideas of planning their wedding, it’s equally important to encourage doing the proper research to make sure you aren’t wasting money that could be spent elsewhere. As the industry leader in wedding sparklers, we obviously want you to enjoy having sparklers at your wedding. However, if you’re venue doesn’t allow you to use them, we would much rather you spend your money elsewhere to get the most fun and exciting day possible.

The reason we stress that you check with your wedding venue before you buy wedding sparklers is because they may require special permits or not allow their use at all. Depending on where you live in the country, some states only allow the use of sparklers on or near the 4th of July which makes them impossible to use even if the venue were to be okay with the idea. Other areas require that you buy additional fir insurance or apply for a permit by paying a fee in order use sparklers at a wedding.

Furthermore, some venues may require you to use your sparklers in an area that won’t work for your purposes. Many venues only allow them to be used indoors if they are smokeless sparklers, so they may have a policy that requires you to use them outside. This can be fine if you are planning to use your wedding sparklers as part of your send off line or as something for the kids to do while the adults dance, but if most of your reception will be happening indoors it can be a real hassle. As long as you check with your venue in advance and clear your plans with them, you can order your wedding sparklers without fear that they may go to waste or that you will be breaking any state or local laws regarding their use at your wedding reception.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Proposals

Engagement Proposal
Without exception, engagement proposals are a huge deal and are the first step in the official union of a couple. Bending down on one knee and asking the women you love is an ambitious and exciting task, but it can be very stressful trying to make sure you get every detail right. Everyone has their own ideas and personal touch added to their proposal method, so the list of ways you can ask for their hand is virtually endless. However, there are a few dos and don’ts that apply to every engagement proposal regardless of how you go about it, and we will go over some of them to help relieve your stress and ensure a perfect proposal when the time is right.

Proposal Dos
  • Test the Water: Talking in advance about the idea of getting married is very important. Just making the decision and “shooting from the hip” out of the blue can lead to an embarrassing and depressing conclusion. This is especially important before you go out and spend a tremendous amount of money on an engagement ring. You don’t have to be obvious and completely telegraph your proposal, but knowing she’s at least mildly interested can be a huge plus.
  • Make it a Surprise: Though you already know she’s interested, you want to pick a moment that is both unexpected and romantic. The more thought you put into your proposal the better, so going to a favorite place or a fancy restaurant and surprising them can really go a long way.
  • Find the Right Ring: Choosing the perfect engagement ring is nearly as important as choosing the right time and place to make your proposal. Be vigilant of the styles of jewelry she wears, and make sure you get the ring the correct size. The last thing you want is for her to hate her engagement ring.
  • Get on One Knee: Yes, it may sound cliché; but it is an age old tradition that your potential spouse will love. By getting down on one knee, you not only demonstrate your faithfulness and love, but also make it incredibly hard for them to say “no”. When most women picture their proposal, they picture their soon-to-be husbands on one knee.
Proposal Don’ts
  • Don’t do it Publicly: Usually, you want your proposal to be an intimate affair between just you and your partner. With the exception of your partner enjoying over-the-top public displays or proposing in front of a large group of friends or family, most women would prefer a quiet candle-lit dinner to a public spectacle.
  • Don’t Put the Ring in Food: Though it may sound like a great way to surprise her in a much unexpected way, putting an engagement ring in her food is an altogether bad idea. Despite the glamorization in Hollywood movies, the risk that she may swallow the ring and require emergency surgery is way too risky. Your engagement should be spent in a romantic location, not a hospital. Plus, who wants their new engagement ring tarnished by spaghetti sauce or champagne before they have a chance to wear it?
Regardless of how you choose to propose to your partner, it’s a good idea to avoid being caught up in all the rules and traditions surrounding the right of passage. However, there are a few traditions that shouldn’t be overlooked, as well as some common sense ways to ensure you don’t embarrass yourself. If you speak from the heart and put all of your thought and love into this special moment, your partner should say “yes” and you can start your lifelong journey together on an unforgettable note.

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Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Florida

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Florida
With scenic beaches and beautiful weather, Florida is a premier wedding state. With so many weddings, knowing where to buy wedding sparklers is a very popular quest for soon-to-be brides and grooms and it’s easy to see why. Also called the “Sunshine State”, Florida has many wealthy residents who have extravagant wedding ceremonies and receptions. Because of the scenic nature of the state, Florida is also a very popular wedding destination for people outside the state. For these reasons, there is a huge demand for finding real wedding sparklers in elegant packaging versus going to the fireworks stores that pop up near Independence Day selling tacky sparklers for patriotic events. If you want something that blends nicely into your wedding decorations, you want to buy sparklers labeled and packaged specifically for romantic events and celebrations.

Different Sparkler Types

With so much growing interest and popularity, the wedding sparkler market has been flooded with dozens of options and types ranging from short to long, various colors, and even fun shapes like stars and hearts. When trying to sort through the various options, you should try to remember that cost and quality are a delicate balance that should be considered carefully. Often times the cheapest sparklers will be very poor quality and can even offer a fire hazard, while buying good quality wedding sparklers will cost only slightly more and burn brighter and longer than cheap ones. By doing some homework and buying from a reputable company, you can get quality wedding sparklers that will not blow your budget out of proportion.

Know the Rules

One of the most important things to do before buying your sparklers is to make sure they are legal for use in your state and at your venue. Becoming acquainted with the Florida fireworks laws is a vital step before making your sparkler purchase. Some areas of the state may not allow their use or restrict the time of year that their use is acceptable. Also, many wedding venues in Florida don’t allow using wedding sparklers, so you’ll want to check with them as well. It can also be difficult to find where to buy wedding sparklers in Florida because of licensing issues, such as finding wedding sparklers in Miami.

Overview of Florida History

The earliest historical records for people in Florida start around the 16th century when Native American groups including the Apalachee, Timucua, Ais, Tocobaga, Calusa, and Tequesta tribes began keeping more detailed records.

However, research done by archaeologist infers that the first people to live in the Florida region of America were a group of Paleo-Indians, which were also the earliest known inhabitants of the entire country. It is suspected that they were here as early as 14,000 years ago. Without and cessation, Florida was inhabited through the Archaic period, civilizations began to come together around 500 BC in unique and distinct cultures.

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Choosing Bright Sparklers

Brightest Sparklers
When choosing to have sparklers at your wedding, finding ones that are very bright and entertaining is a vital part of decision making process. Most brides are excited about the notion of having sparklers to use as part of their sendoff line or in the background of pictures, so the brighter the better is the mantra here. Because you will likely be doing your photos in a low-light situation without a flash, the light from the sparklers will be the only thing making your pictures turn out great. Buying high quality wedding sparklers from a reputable company is the best way to ensure you get the brightest sparklers possible at the best prices around.

What Size Should I Choose

In order to get the most brightness and largest effects out of your sparklers, you should consider buying 36 inch sparklers for your wedding. Besides having the brightest and most spectacular effects, they also last over 4 minutes each. Their long burn time and huge effects make them an incredibly bright addition to any wedding reception or ceremony. Whether you’re using them for photos alone or for a grand exit, 36 inch sparklers are the perfect choice when looking for the brightest sparklers available.

How to Light My Sparklers

When you want to light your sparklers, there are a few popular ways that people often use. Barbecue grill lighters are a fast and affordable way to light sparklers, and they are very easy to use compared to matches or typical lighters. Lighting a candle or lantern is another popular choice because your guests can simply walk by, stick the tip of their sparkler into the flame, and they are ready to go. The last way to light your wedding sparklers is to light one short sparkler and let everyone light their sparkler off of it. Sparklers burn very hot, so you can light several sparklers in a very short period of time.

Disposing of Sparklers

Once you have used up your sparklers, it is important to properly dispose of the hot wires. Residual powder can stay hot and even reignite several minutes after the sparkler appears to be out, so you don’t want to just throw them in the trash. The best way to make sure your used sparklers have completely extinguished is to throw them into a bucket of water. If that option isn’t available, you can also throw them into a pile of sand or a fire pit. However you choose to dispose of your used sparklers, make sure you are putting them in a place that doesn’t have any risk of starting a fire; which could easily ruin your wedding ceremony in a big hurry. As long as you’re safe and smart, you can dispose of your sparklers in a very simple fashion.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Delaware

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Delaware Delaware isn’t the largest state in the country, but they have their fair share of weddings which makes couples wonder where to buy wedding sparklers in the state. Also known as “The First State”, Delaware is actually the second smallest state in America right behind Rhode Island. However, don’t let the small are fool you; Delaware has a very affluent population with a median income that is much higher than most states in the country. So, it’s no wonder that many of the weddings in Delaware are large, costly, and pull out all the stops. For this reason, many people are looking for places to buy wedding sparklers and are often forced to buy from the fireworks stands that come out near the 4th of July. However, if you’re looking for a more attractive option, buying sparklers for weddings that are specifically labeled for that purpose is the best choice.

Choosing Your Type

There are several types of wedding sparklers that range in size, shape and color. When trying to decide on sparklers for your wedding, it is important to balance price and quality in order to get what you pay for. Buying discount wedding sparklers may sound like a great way to keep costs low, but you may end up with factory seconds or lackluster performance. By carefully selecting your type and length of sparklers, you can ensure you get the best price possible without having to sacrifice quality.

Obey State Laws

Another important thing to keep in mind when deciding where to buy wedding sparklers in Delaware is to obey the local and state laws. Depending on where you are in the state, the laws and local ordinances can vary greatly; so it’s important to freshen up on the Delaware fireworks laws. Also, you will want to check with your venue or reception hall in order to make sure that they are allowed. Some venues require an additional deposit, insurance, or may not allow using wedding sparklers at all.

A Brief History of Delaware

Delaware received its name from the Delaware River; which was named by Thomas West in pre-colonial times around 1600 AD. As the governor of the Colony of Virginia, he named it when the river was first explored and mapped by European settlers and cartographers. Besides just the state’s name the indigenous civilization, the Lenape, were named the Delaware Indians by the Europeans after the river. However, besides all of these fun facts, Delaware is home to tax-free shopping making it a destination for people seeking a great shopping experience.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Are Vintage Engagement Rings Trending?

Vintage Engagement Ring It is rare for there to be a lull in the amount of brides choosing to have a vintage engagement ring, and present day is no exception. Though there is no way to recreate or mimic the beauty of a genuine vintage engagement ring, several companies are manufacturing reproduction rings to fuel the need in the current marketplace. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough vintage rings to go around in the most popular styles that brides-to-be are craving. In the absence of a genuine artifact, a ring made to look like it is vintage is the next best thing and makes a very nice substitute.

Why Are Vintage Rings Popular?

Vintage style engagement rings are so popular because they embody the elegance and charm of a timeless era long gone by. While most brides would prefer to own a genuine vintage diamond ring, they can be expensive and hard to find. This huge spike in demand has caused many jewelers to design and craft rings done in the style of vintage rings but for a much more reasonable price.

Is It Always Diamonds?

Though diamonds are certainly the most common and popular choice for the main stone in any engagement ring, you don’t always need to opt for a diamond in your vintage engagement ring. Like any other style of ring, there are literally dozens of great gemstones that are perfectly suitable for such an elegant piece. In fact, many couples choose to have rubies, sapphires, emeralds, or other beautiful stones instead of diamonds to match their birthstones or the month in which they are married. If you are on a budget or are looking for something unique and colorful, gemstones are a great way to make your vintage engagement ring special.

Custom Vintage Rings

While there are certainly thousands of classic styles of vintage engagement rings that many jewelers model their reproduction rings after, many quality jewelers are more than happy to create you a custom ring in a vintage style. Also called bespoke rings, a custom engagement ring allows you to add family diamonds, birthstones, and custom intricacies that you can’t find in a mass-produced ring. If you find a skilled jeweler with experience in making vintage style rings, they can work with your concepts and blend them into a design that harkens back to a previous era.

Whether you’re obsessed with the original Hollywood elite or just adore the look of vintage items, there is simply no substitute for a vintage-style engagement ring. With so many great designs and styles available on the market and the ability to have a custom ring made to your specifications in a vintage style, finding the perfect ring that looks much older than it is will be a labor of love.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Connecticut

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Connecticut Connecticut has one of the wealthiest populations in the northeast, which is why so many couples are wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in Connecticut.  Also known as the “Constitution State”, Connecticut is home to some of the most patriotic Americans in the country. Also, as one of the oldest states in our union, it has a rich history that makes it an ideal place to have a wedding. From the old colonial architecture to the vast landscapes that speak of years long past, Connecticut is a premier place for couples who are looking to get married in the classic tradition.

On the top of the list for most couples looking to get married in this beautiful state is Hartford. Hartford is very friendly to the use of sparklers, which are growing in popularity among people planning weddings. Wedding sparklers are a great alternative to birdseed or rice, and offer the added element of making your pictures even better. From sendoff lines to reception table centerpieces, the uses for wedding sparklers are virtually endless.

If you are interested in using sparklers at your Connecticut wedding, however, there are several things to keep in mind. You need to check the Connecticut fireworks laws for the county you are having your wedding in because they can vary depending on your location. Also, your venue may require special training, additional insurance fees, or other stipulations before you are allowed to use wedding sparklers as part of your ceremony or reception. In fact, some venues don’t allow wedding sparklers at all, so planning ahead and making sure they are approved for use is always the best option.

Another thing to keep in mind when finding where to buy wedding sparklers in Connecticut is that most stores only sell sparklers for a brief period of time during the summer. Sparklers can be difficult to find as you get away from the 4th of July, so you should either buy them ahead of time. If this thought eluded you, there is a great alternative. There are several great online shops that sell wedding sparklers and ship to Connecticut. Just make sure that you are buying from a premium retailer and you shouldn’t have any problems with your wedding sparklers when they arrive. As long as you plan ahead and buy from a reputable company, you should be able to enjoy all the fun and magic that wedding sparklers bring to your event.