Friday, October 11, 2013

Choosing Bright Sparklers

Brightest Sparklers
When choosing to have sparklers at your wedding, finding ones that are very bright and entertaining is a vital part of decision making process. Most brides are excited about the notion of having sparklers to use as part of their sendoff line or in the background of pictures, so the brighter the better is the mantra here. Because you will likely be doing your photos in a low-light situation without a flash, the light from the sparklers will be the only thing making your pictures turn out great. Buying high quality wedding sparklers from a reputable company is the best way to ensure you get the brightest sparklers possible at the best prices around.

What Size Should I Choose

In order to get the most brightness and largest effects out of your sparklers, you should consider buying 36 inch sparklers for your wedding. Besides having the brightest and most spectacular effects, they also last over 4 minutes each. Their long burn time and huge effects make them an incredibly bright addition to any wedding reception or ceremony. Whether you’re using them for photos alone or for a grand exit, 36 inch sparklers are the perfect choice when looking for the brightest sparklers available.

How to Light My Sparklers

When you want to light your sparklers, there are a few popular ways that people often use. Barbecue grill lighters are a fast and affordable way to light sparklers, and they are very easy to use compared to matches or typical lighters. Lighting a candle or lantern is another popular choice because your guests can simply walk by, stick the tip of their sparkler into the flame, and they are ready to go. The last way to light your wedding sparklers is to light one short sparkler and let everyone light their sparkler off of it. Sparklers burn very hot, so you can light several sparklers in a very short period of time.

Disposing of Sparklers

Once you have used up your sparklers, it is important to properly dispose of the hot wires. Residual powder can stay hot and even reignite several minutes after the sparkler appears to be out, so you don’t want to just throw them in the trash. The best way to make sure your used sparklers have completely extinguished is to throw them into a bucket of water. If that option isn’t available, you can also throw them into a pile of sand or a fire pit. However you choose to dispose of your used sparklers, make sure you are putting them in a place that doesn’t have any risk of starting a fire; which could easily ruin your wedding ceremony in a big hurry. As long as you’re safe and smart, you can dispose of your sparklers in a very simple fashion.

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