Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sparkler Tip #1 – Check with Your Venue

Check With Your Venue Before Buying Sparklers
So you were at a wedding and saw how fun and elegant wedding sparklers can be as part of your celebration. But hold on one second, have you thought about checking with your venue? While we certainly don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade when it comes to their ideas of planning their wedding, it’s equally important to encourage doing the proper research to make sure you aren’t wasting money that could be spent elsewhere. As the industry leader in wedding sparklers, we obviously want you to enjoy having sparklers at your wedding. However, if you’re venue doesn’t allow you to use them, we would much rather you spend your money elsewhere to get the most fun and exciting day possible.

The reason we stress that you check with your wedding venue before you buy wedding sparklers is because they may require special permits or not allow their use at all. Depending on where you live in the country, some states only allow the use of sparklers on or near the 4th of July which makes them impossible to use even if the venue were to be okay with the idea. Other areas require that you buy additional fir insurance or apply for a permit by paying a fee in order use sparklers at a wedding.

Furthermore, some venues may require you to use your sparklers in an area that won’t work for your purposes. Many venues only allow them to be used indoors if they are smokeless sparklers, so they may have a policy that requires you to use them outside. This can be fine if you are planning to use your wedding sparklers as part of your send off line or as something for the kids to do while the adults dance, but if most of your reception will be happening indoors it can be a real hassle. As long as you check with your venue in advance and clear your plans with them, you can order your wedding sparklers without fear that they may go to waste or that you will be breaking any state or local laws regarding their use at your wedding reception.

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