Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sparkler Tip #2 – Make an Announcement

Sparkler Sendoff Line SignOne of the most common mistakes that couple who are having sparklers at their wedding make is that they forget to make a formal announcement about how and when to use them. Unless you tell your guests when the appropriate time is to use the sparklers you provided is, you run the risk of your guests using them before the intended time or worse; not being ready to use them at the time you originally planned. There are a few simple ways you can make an announcement about your sparklers, and they may be easier than you think. Below, we have listed a few of the most popular methods to help give you some ideas.
  • The most common way to make an announcement about your wedding sparklers is to have either your music DJ or a representative from the bridal party verbally tell everyone over the PA system. This is probably the most effective method because it ensures everyone will get the message, and also serves as a great way to inform your guests about other information such as where your sparkler sendoff line will be and what they need to do to get ready.
  • Another popular choice is to have a sign at the entrance of your reception hall to inform your guests as they enter. This is particularly useful because you can also place your wedding sparklers by the sign to have the distributed in a simple and orderly fashion. Many couples buy premade signs that are printed on cardboard or thick card stock, but other creative ideas include chalkboards or even hand-painted billboards with thorough instructions.
  • Yet another option is to place your wedding sparklers on the reception tables themselves with a little announcement card or tent with information such as when you will be using the sparklers and where the designated area for their use is located. If you are using them for a sendoff line or something that is coordinated, you will want to give them some type of formal instructions to reduce any confusion that may arise.
No matter how you choose to make the announcement to your guests regarding the use of your wedding sparklers, you can see from above that taking the time to do this will result in a simpler and less stressful event. There is nothing worse than trying to coordinate a bunch of guests at the last second or have them use their sparklers too soon, which can really ruin your sendoff line or other intended purpose. Make sure to use your creative skills and figure out a fun way to make the announcement and it will surely add some extra fun to your magical day.

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