Monday, October 14, 2013

The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Proposals

Engagement Proposal
Without exception, engagement proposals are a huge deal and are the first step in the official union of a couple. Bending down on one knee and asking the women you love is an ambitious and exciting task, but it can be very stressful trying to make sure you get every detail right. Everyone has their own ideas and personal touch added to their proposal method, so the list of ways you can ask for their hand is virtually endless. However, there are a few dos and don’ts that apply to every engagement proposal regardless of how you go about it, and we will go over some of them to help relieve your stress and ensure a perfect proposal when the time is right.

Proposal Dos
  • Test the Water: Talking in advance about the idea of getting married is very important. Just making the decision and “shooting from the hip” out of the blue can lead to an embarrassing and depressing conclusion. This is especially important before you go out and spend a tremendous amount of money on an engagement ring. You don’t have to be obvious and completely telegraph your proposal, but knowing she’s at least mildly interested can be a huge plus.
  • Make it a Surprise: Though you already know she’s interested, you want to pick a moment that is both unexpected and romantic. The more thought you put into your proposal the better, so going to a favorite place or a fancy restaurant and surprising them can really go a long way.
  • Find the Right Ring: Choosing the perfect engagement ring is nearly as important as choosing the right time and place to make your proposal. Be vigilant of the styles of jewelry she wears, and make sure you get the ring the correct size. The last thing you want is for her to hate her engagement ring.
  • Get on One Knee: Yes, it may sound cliché; but it is an age old tradition that your potential spouse will love. By getting down on one knee, you not only demonstrate your faithfulness and love, but also make it incredibly hard for them to say “no”. When most women picture their proposal, they picture their soon-to-be husbands on one knee.
Proposal Don’ts
  • Don’t do it Publicly: Usually, you want your proposal to be an intimate affair between just you and your partner. With the exception of your partner enjoying over-the-top public displays or proposing in front of a large group of friends or family, most women would prefer a quiet candle-lit dinner to a public spectacle.
  • Don’t Put the Ring in Food: Though it may sound like a great way to surprise her in a much unexpected way, putting an engagement ring in her food is an altogether bad idea. Despite the glamorization in Hollywood movies, the risk that she may swallow the ring and require emergency surgery is way too risky. Your engagement should be spent in a romantic location, not a hospital. Plus, who wants their new engagement ring tarnished by spaghetti sauce or champagne before they have a chance to wear it?
Regardless of how you choose to propose to your partner, it’s a good idea to avoid being caught up in all the rules and traditions surrounding the right of passage. However, there are a few traditions that shouldn’t be overlooked, as well as some common sense ways to ensure you don’t embarrass yourself. If you speak from the heart and put all of your thought and love into this special moment, your partner should say “yes” and you can start your lifelong journey together on an unforgettable note.

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