Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Georgia

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Georgia
Whether you’re looking for a country style or riverboat wedding, high demand has led to many couples wondering where to buy sparklers in Georgia. The state of Georgia has a very unique landscape and culture you can’t find anywhere else, making it a dream location for many brides looking to plan a destination wedding in the south. Also known as the “Peach State”, Georgia’s hospitality and down-home charm is just as sweet as its nickname suggests. Whether you’re talking about Atlanta, Savannah, or another area of the state, they host thousands of weddings each year. The large volume of weddings held there each year has led to a sharp spike in the demand for wedding sparklers, and most people aren’t interested in buying sparklers packaged for patriotic holidays from their local store.

Varieties of Sparklers Available

If you are looking at the types of sparklers available for your wedding, you will probably notice that there are dozens of great options available. Manufacturers have begun catering to every whim of the wedding market with such creations like heart sparklers, star shaped sparklers, and even sparklers that have neon colors! Most commonly, wedding sparklers will be at least 10 inches, 20 inches, or 36 inches long and produce gold colored sparkles. It is important to buy quality brands for your wedding instead of buying the absolute cheapest sparklers, so look for a reputable company that has a large selection and fair prices. Choosing a premium sparkler company will help you get the best product for your money and keep your purchase in line with your budget.

Adhere to the State Laws

Georgia is one of the unique places in the country where the rules pertaining to using wedding sparklers can vary from county to county. While there are Georgia fireworks laws that apply globally to all areas of the state, each county has the right to dictate certain restrictions on what time of year and what locations sparklers can be used without permits. While most areas don’t tack on additional conditions, some counties require permits, fees, or other regulations in order for you to use your sparklers legally. Also, you should check with your venue because they also have the right to impose their own restrictions and limit the areas at the venue that you’re allowed to use your wedding sparklers or not allow their use at all.

Brief Overview of Georgia’s Rich History

As one of the original thirteen colonies of America, Georgia has a very rich history that is tied into the legacy of our great country. Founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733, Georgia was originally inhabited by mound building cultures before the European settlements moved in. After the Revolutionary War and America claimed its independence from Britain, Georgia became the fourth state to officially join the union by ratifying the constitution on January 2, 1788.

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