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Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Illinois

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Illinois
Wedding sparklers are a very popular addition to any Illinois wedding, so it’s no surprise that many couples wonder where to buy them on short notice. Fortunately, there are several great online store to accommodate this need, which is good news considering sparklers can really warm up a wedding on a cold day in the middle on an Illinois winter. Often called the “Prairies State” or the “Land of Lincoln”, Illinois has a rather large population for a Midwestern state and thus is home to a very large number of weddings each year. Though they are known for large cities such as Chicago and their very long and cold winters, the state has many great things to offer upcoming brides which have led to a growing number of couples wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in Illinois.

Variations of Sparkler Types

With so many types of sparklers available for purchase, knowing the difference can be vital to make an informed purchase. The last thing you want to do is buy sparklers for your wedding that you end up not being happy with, so understanding the differences between the various lengths, shapes, and colors can be a make or break chunk of knowledge.

The first thing to keep in mind id that the longer your sparklers are, the longer they are going to burn. For instance, 36 inch sparklers will burn much longer than 10 inch sparklers because they are 3 ½ times their length. Additionally, because they need more support, longer sparklers are typically thicker which assists them in burning longer and also creates larger and brighter effects.

Wedding sparklers that come in various shapes such as hearts or stars as well as colored sparklers are essentially the same as regular sparklers with their added features. Shaped sparklers obviously come in their intended shapes, and color sparklers come in the color option you purchase. However, shaped and color sparklers typically put off more smoke, so they are better for outdoor use compared to the traditional gold colored wedding sparklers that are smokeless and can be safely used indoors.

Follow the State Law

Illinois has fairly loose regulations on using consumer fireworks such as sparklers around the 4th of July, but certain areas of the state can clamp down about during other times of the year. Like most states, the regulations around using sparklers can vary across the state, so always consult the Illinois fireworks laws before you decide to have sparklers at your wedding ceremony or reception. You’ll also want to make sure your venue allows using sparklers indoors, and this is especially important if you’re having your wedding during the winter because ventilation can be an issue during the colder months. If it’s too cold outside to open a window, you may not be able to create the amount of smoke that sparklers put off indoors without creating a choking hazard. As long as you clear it with everyone, you should be able to have fun and enjoy what sparklers can bring to your wedding reception without breaking any laws or creating safety issues.

A Few Historical Facts about Illinois

Illinois became the 21st state to join the union in 1818, but the state has changed a bit over the last nearly 200 years. When it was first recognized as a state, the capital was Kaskaskia and its government was housed in a small building rented by the state. In 1819, the capital moved to the city of Vandalia and it remained there for the next 18 years; though the physical building changed 3 times in that period. Finally, in 1837, an effort led by state representative Abraham Lincoln successfully relocated the capital to its current location in Springfield where they erected yet another capital building. The last step on the journey occurred in 1867 when the sixth capital building was constructed, and still serves as the Illinois capital to this day.

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