Monday, November 11, 2013

Choosing a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Yellow Diamond Ring
One of the most unique colors you could hope for in an engagement ring is vivid yellow; something only a yellow diamond can offer. In fact, yellow diamonds are actually rarer than any other color of diamond, which means you get all the value of a diamond with unforgettable color tone of yellow. While most brides opt for a traditional white diamond in their engagement ring, choosing a yellow diamond will make your ring unique, colorful, and stand out from the pack while still being a top grade stone.

Almost exclusively found in Africa and certain regions of Australia, yellow diamonds are found in areas that other diamonds are not. White diamonds are found in mines that stretch long expanses called “diamond veins”, but this is not the case with yellow diamonds. In fact, for every 10,000 traditional diamonds mined, only 1 yellow diamond is discovered; which sums up exactly how rare they are. This has also led to a massive amount of demand and a very large shortage in their supply, and it also means that that more rich the yellow hues are in the stone; the more valuable the diamond will be.

Unfortunately, their rarity and high demand has also spawned a tremendous amount of fakes on the market. As rare as yellow diamonds are compared to other genuine diamond colors, you are likely to see thousands of fake yellow diamonds before you ever lay eyes on an authentic stone. If you are interested in having a yellow diamond as the stone for your engagement ring, make sure you have it authenticated by a reputable jeweler before you shell out the high sticker price most authentic stones will have attached to the ring.

Common Cuts and Setting for Yellow Diamonds

Unlike regular diamonds, yellow diamonds are typically cut in a unique style to show off the color properly. While most people think about large quantities of facets leading to the most sparkly looking diamond engagement rings, yellow diamonds are often cut in asymmetrical shapes to allow the light to show off the color more than the clarity of the stone itself. As part of these cuts, you will usually see very long facets on yellow diamonds.

Of course, the cut of your yellow diamond is only half the battle; you will also need the perfect setting to accent that yellow deliciousness. As one might expect, yellow diamonds look fabulous in traditional settings such as gold or platinum; much like any other precious stone. Many people choose to have their yellow diamond placed in a solitaire setting to avoid creating too busy of a look and to add emphasis to the stone. Furthermore, many people choose either white gold or platinum instead of yellow gold so the yellow tones in the diamond really draw the eye. Regardless of how you set your yellow diamond, it is certain to look fantastic and unique for generations to come

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