Monday, November 18, 2013

Halo Engagement Ring Sales on the Rise

Halo Engagement Ring Sales on the Rise
Halo engagement rings are a classic setting style, but their sales are recently starting to rise again after they fell off over the last decade. It’s unclear why the popularity of this style of ring setting lost popularity momentarily, but many experts attribute the small downturn to the “old school” look that they embody. However, as vintage engagement rings start to gain traction in the marketplace once again, halo engagement rings are once again surging which has spawned a whole slew of new styles and designs for the modern bride to sift through.

For some brides, the concept of a halo engagement ring is totally new. In fact, many couples have never seen or heard of this particular style; though many of them have a mother or grandmother with this very style of ring setting. A halo engagement ring usually consists of an oval center stone with a ring of smaller accent stones circling around it. These smaller stones are almost always diamonds, but the center stone can be any number of stone including a ruby, sapphire, or diamond.

Benefits of Choosing a Halo Engagement Ring

Choosing a halo engagement ring style is a great way to show off the stone that you have chosen. Regardless of whether you choose a diamond or another type of stone, the full circle of diamonds will highlight all the fine details that the stone has to offer. Also, with vintage ring styles drastically on the rise, your ring is certain to look timeless for generations to come. By opting to go with a halo setting for your ring, you can pass your engagement ring down to your children and grandchildren with the knowledge that it will be a cherished heirloom for centuries to come.

Colored Stones in a Halo Engagement Ring

Though many brides choose a diamond as their center stone for their engagement ring, colored stones are showcased beautifully when you place them in a halo setting. While some brides choose colored diamonds for this purpose, you can easily replace them with a ruby, sapphire, emerald, or garnet to achieve a stunning look for a lower price than a diamond will run you.

Furthermore, the halo style has seen resurgence with even royalty like Kate Middleton (the future Queen of England) sporting a halo engagement ring. The stunning blue diamond at the center of her ring has led to a huge amount of brides wanting the same spectacular look on their finger. Because that size of blue diamond is so expensive, many choose either dark blue tanzanite or a blue sapphire to replace the use of a diamond as the center stone.

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