Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sparkler Tip #5: Supply a Way to Light Them

Sparkler Tip #5: Supply a Way to Light Them
Sparklers are really fun when you make them part of your wedding, but that fact can quickly become moot if you don’t give your guests a reliable way to light them. Whether you are handing out the sparklers during your reception for your guests to use at their leisure or coordinating a specific use for them such as a grand exit, the ability to quickly and efficiently light your wedding sparklers is crucial to a successful and enjoyable time. Fortunately, since sparklers are such a popular addition to weddings these days, there are a few tried and true methods that work very well.

BBQ Lighter

BBQ lighters are a fast and simple way for your guests to light their sparklers. Simply pass out a few of them to your guests, and they can be having fun with their sparklers in a short period of time. They are also a great choice because of how easy they are to use, but they are more expensive than some of the other options so it may be out of the question for couples on a budget.


Matches are another simple way to light sparklers, but not as fast as some of the other methods. The main problem is that taking the time for each guest to strike a match and light the tips of their smoke-free sparklers can be a bit time consuming, but you can buy personalized matchboxes which adds a fun and elegant touch to the whole affair.

Using Another Sparkler

A super-fast and inexpensive method to light everyone up in a hurry is to use another sparkler as the starting device. Once your guests touch the tip of their sparklers to another lit sparkler, they will immediately light. However, once a sparkler is lit, your guests may get the wrong idea and light their sparkler up before you can start passing it around. You will want to make sure everyone knows what is going on if you use this method.


Likely the most elegant and overall best way to light your sparklers quickly and efficiently is to have a few candles scattered about the area where people will be lighting their sparklers. The beauty of using candles is that they burn for hours as opposed to seconds, so there is no rush in coordinating everything in a massive hurry. Also, candles are fairly inexpensive and look very nice at a wedding. This makes them both useful for your purposes and also a great addition to your wedding décor.

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