Monday, December 30, 2013

De Beers: A Legacy of Diamond Engagement Rings

De Beers Diamond Engagement Rings
De Beers has long been considered the largest name in diamonds, and they have a long and stories history when it comes to engagement rings. In fact, they created many of the most loved diamond engagement ring styles of all time and they continue to be a driving factor in the industry. Though most people believe them to be one company, De Beers is actually a group of companies that are combined to make the largest diamond coalition in the world. With unsurpassed quality and cutting edge styles, the most elite women in the world are commonly seen wearing a De Beers diamond engagement ring on their finger.

Diamond Quality

When trying to find the best quality engagement ring possible, the quality of the diamond is always first and foremost. In this area, no other diamond supplier can hold a candle to De Beers when it comes to the “4 C’s” standard (carat, cut, clarity, and color). In fact, many people in the industry cite De Beers for creating this standard as nearly 90% of all diamonds on the market are graded by them. Today, nearly every diamond retailer strictly adheres to these standards when grading a particular stone.


Diamonds have long been considered the ultimate symbol of love, and this is in no small part because of De Beers. Before diamonds were the popular choice for engagement rings, women were still given rings made from precious metals as a sign of love. Once the art of cutting diamonds became perfected, their preciousness was added to the sought-after metals to make the ultimate combination of beauty and scarcity that perfectly reflects the sentiment of love.

How Pricing Stacks Up

Like most things in life, you can certainly expect to pay more if you want the best name in diamond engagement rings. De Beers is widely considered to have the best quality mines and thus best quality diamonds, so to get your hands (or rather finger) on one of them is going to cost you. This also protects their brand and keeps it among the most cherished in the world because not everyone can afford a De Beers diamond; so the celebrities find them even more appealing. While much of the diamond market is driven by rarity and demand, De Beers also brings the allure of the quality you can only get by purchasing one of their fine quality stones.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Color Cake and Bottle Sparklers – Exclusive Items

Color Bottle Sparklers
Wedding Day Sparklers is proud to announce the newest addition to our catalog of wedding sparklers – color bottle sparklers and color wedding cake sparklers. We are the only company to offer these great new items, and as always we offer free shipping on all orders over $50!

Though our color bottle sparklers are fantastic for weddings and other romantic events, they are also a perfect choice for champagne bottles on New Year’s Eve. Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs from Los Angeles to New York and all the way down to Miami are going crazy over our exclusive color bottle sparklers. Compared to the cheap bottle sparklers sold by our competitors, ours burn longer and feature five amazing colors. Everyone else is selling a generic gold bottle sparkler which is why our color items are topping the charts and out-selling everyone else by a wide margin.

Also, we are also proud to be the exclusive seller of color wedding cake sparklers for your cake topper or each tier of your wedding cake. Each cake sparkler has a little red spike that allows you to stick them right through the frosting. They are 100% food safe and will not ruin your cake, plus they are very colorful so you can get much more attention compared to using the typical gold ones that other companies offer. No one else in the United States offers these color wedding cake sparklers, so don’t miss your chance to bring them into your venue or wedding reception.

Exclusive items such as these are why Wedding Day Sparklers is still the #1 wedding sparkler company online. No other company can even come close to our prices, selection, or level of customer service including the fastest shipping at the lowest cost possible. Checkout our site for all of our great options, and from everyone at Wedding Day Sparklers; we hope you have a fantastic wedding!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Kansas

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Kansas
Kansas hosts thousands of wedding each year because of their geographical location on loose laws on sparklers and other fireworks. Positioned in the very center of the United States, all roads lead to Kansas which means that it is bustling with activity during the wedding season. Also known as the “Sunflower State”, Kansas is a rural state that is well known for its agricultural contributions to the United States including its #1 export; sunflowers. With so many beautiful landscapes with bright yellow sunflowers dotting the backdrop, it’s easy to see why so many people are wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in Kansas to bring out the natural colors and beauty that surround nearly every plot of land.

Navigating the Different Sizes of Sparklers

Sifting through the dozens of varieties of sparklers that are available to buy can seem a bit challenging, but it can be a quick task if you know what you’re looking for. If you want long-lasting sparklers, than simply pick a variety that has a longer length. The longer the length of the sparklers you buy, the longer they will burn and the more impressive they will be. Conversely, if you want just some quick fun, you can buy sparklers that are short and they will last only 30 seconds or less. Regardless which length you buy, make sure you buy from a quality retailer or you may be disappointed with the results.

Pay Attention to the Laws

Though Kansas has some of the loosest regulations regarding the sale of sparklers and other fireworks, they still regulate their use depending on location and weather conditions. For this reason, you want to check the Kansas fireworks laws before deciding to have sparklers as part of your wedding. These variables include times of drought and the local ordinances that your city or county may have enacted, so make sure you contact all the proper authorities before you proceed. Lastly, check with your venue to make sure that they allow using sparklers. Some venues are in a location that prohibits their use or just have a personal preference that they not be used, so checking ahead of time is always the best course of action.

Origin of Kansas’ State Name

The state of Kansas has officially been part of the United States since 1861, but the culture that gave the state its name dates back much further. The state is named after the Kansa Native American tribe which was the first culture to be settled in that area. Both the state and tribe’s name means “people of the wind” or “people of south wind”, which makes a lot of sense considering that Kansas is directly in the wind belt and suffers from one of the highest tornado rates in the world; though this translation is probably not the original meaning of the term. Furthermore, residents who live in the state are referred to as “Kansans”, which is rare because most states use a suffix rather than just making the name plural to describe their resident’s citizenship.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Irish Wedding and Engagement Rings

Irish Wedding and Engagement Rings
Millions of couples throughout America have ties to an Irish heritage. With so many people representing the Irish culture, the demand for traditional style Irish rings has steadily been on the rise. Depending on whether you want an engagement ring or a wedding ring, there are two classic styles for the consumer. For engagement rings, the Claddagh is the historically accurate choice that most couples opt for buying. For wedding rings, the classic Celtic knot design is the overwhelming winner in popularity. Whichever way you go for your Irish ring design, there are benefits and drawbacks to each style just like any other style of ring that you might purchase.
The Claddagh Design
Usually designated for use as an engagement ring, the Claddagh is a traditional design that is specifically for women. Traditionally, the design depicts two hands holding a heart, but the design can vary depending on region and the artist’s particular style. The intent of the design is to symbolize the dedication and pledge that one takes when making their wedding vows and this has led to it being the most popular choice for Irish engagement rings. The design is one of the most traditional in Irish culture, and just by wearing it a woman can display her relationship status whether it is love, loyalty, or friendship. What the ring indicates precisely varies depending on how the ring is worn, and those are as follows:
  • If the ring is on her right hand with the point of the heart away from the body, it means she is single. The Claddagh is one of the most popular Irish wedding rings, but it can also be passed down from mother to daughter and can be worn by single women.
  • If the ring is on her right hand with the point of the heart towards her, she is in a relationship, but not yet engaged. Having the heart inwards, so it appear right side up from the wearer’s perspective, means the woman’s heart has been captured.
  • If the ring is on her left hand with the point of the heart away from her body, she is engaged.
  • If the ring is on her left hand with the point of the heart towards her, she is married.
The Celtic Knot
Undoubtedly the most recognized of all Irish wedding ring styles, there are countless variations on this classic style. While they all appear similar and are instantly recognized if seen alone, you can certainly see the variations if you compare a few rings next to each other. The most common design for an Irish wedding ring is the “infinite knot” which is a very old and traditional Christian symbol that stands for the intertwining lives of bride and groom that lasts for all of eternity. Most couples end up purchasing their Irish wedding rings with the “infinite knot” style of Celtic knot because they are the most common, most traditional, and offer the most variations from which to choose.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Going Green: Wooden Wedding Rings

Wooden Wedding Rings
With a growing number of couples becoming interested in reducing their carbon footprint, it is no wonder that engagement and wedding ring manufacturers would pounce on that demographic. On top of the ecological impact, the unethical way that many companies go about obtaining their diamonds and gold to make the traditional style of wedding rings is enough to promote some couples to look at alternatives. One of the most popular alternatives is to buy wooden rings which offer the rare benefit of being made right there in America. However, all types of wedding rings regardless of what they are made from have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the ultimate decision is up to the couple.

Renewable Sourcing

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a wooden wedding ring is that they are made from 100% renewable resources. Unlike gold, silver, or other heavy elements that are finite and growing more scarce, timber is one of the biggest exports in the United States and can be replenished in a fairly short timeframe. With that in mind, most jewelers who make wooden wedding rings actually reclaim their materials from old products such as broken guitars or old farm planks to recycle them into another purpose. Some manufacturers even go as far as fining downed trees and branches for their materials, which can actually lead to some pretty high quality woods being used without the larger price tag.

Durability and Longevity

Though gold or silver wedding rings are obviously going to be more durable than one made from wood, they are actually much more resilient than most people initially think. With the proper maintenance and care, a wooden wedding ring can last a very long time. However, they do require more care than metal wedding rings such as being cleaned with lemon seed oil or a similar product. Also, though they are often coated with some sort of waterproof layer, you want to avoid putting your handcrafted ring under water too often as well as exposing it to harsh chemicals.

With all the benefits both ethically and ecologically, wooden wedding rings are on the top of many young couples’ lists when looking for a way to go green. As a bonus, wooden wedding rings are also much cheaper than traditional wedding or engagement rings because they aren’t made from precious metals and don’t feature any rare stones. If you want to give your wooden ring that extra touch, you can have it custom engraved or burned with any choice of words or symbols to suit your personal taste. And as a final hidden benefit, wooden rings are the perfect choice for anyone who has a metal allergy or sensitivity that prevents them from wearing jewelry all together.