Monday, December 23, 2013

Color Cake and Bottle Sparklers – Exclusive Items

Color Bottle Sparklers
Wedding Day Sparklers is proud to announce the newest addition to our catalog of wedding sparklers – color bottle sparklers and color wedding cake sparklers. We are the only company to offer these great new items, and as always we offer free shipping on all orders over $50!

Though our color bottle sparklers are fantastic for weddings and other romantic events, they are also a perfect choice for champagne bottles on New Year’s Eve. Bars, restaurants, and nightclubs from Los Angeles to New York and all the way down to Miami are going crazy over our exclusive color bottle sparklers. Compared to the cheap bottle sparklers sold by our competitors, ours burn longer and feature five amazing colors. Everyone else is selling a generic gold bottle sparkler which is why our color items are topping the charts and out-selling everyone else by a wide margin.

Also, we are also proud to be the exclusive seller of color wedding cake sparklers for your cake topper or each tier of your wedding cake. Each cake sparkler has a little red spike that allows you to stick them right through the frosting. They are 100% food safe and will not ruin your cake, plus they are very colorful so you can get much more attention compared to using the typical gold ones that other companies offer. No one else in the United States offers these color wedding cake sparklers, so don’t miss your chance to bring them into your venue or wedding reception.

Exclusive items such as these are why Wedding Day Sparklers is still the #1 wedding sparkler company online. No other company can even come close to our prices, selection, or level of customer service including the fastest shipping at the lowest cost possible. Checkout our site for all of our great options, and from everyone at Wedding Day Sparklers; we hope you have a fantastic wedding!


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