Tuesday, January 6, 2015

5 Non-Traditional Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party
We all know the trappings of a traditional bachelor party: booze, strippers, and more booze. Whether it’s a private party with a girl jumping out of a cake or that strip club downtown, bachelor parties tend to be on the raunchy and debauched side of celebration. If nudity and alcohol don’t seem like the right way to celebrate your impending nuptials, though, you’re not alone. Here are some ideas for bachelor parties that keep it a little classier.

Brewery Tour

Yes, there’s still alcohol involved with a brewery tour, but the point is to taste a lot of delicious craft beer, not pound cheap shots until you pass out. Small breweries have been cropping up like crazy over the past decade, so odds are there are three or four near where you live. Grab your best buddies (and a designated driver) and tour through all of them. You’ll learn how beer is made, taste some one-of-a-kind brews, and even pick up a few growlers (that’s a 64-oz to-go bottle to drink later; preferably not all in one go).

Virtual Mayhem

Arcades have changed a lot since the 80’s and 90’s. Now instead of taking quarters for simple games, they take dollars--or fives--for cool, immersive experiences. Some arcades have massive machines designed to simulate the cockpit of a battle robot or a tank. Some have full virtual-reality options with goggles and 360-degree treadmills. Most of those machines are networked together so you can play against your friends. Presumably, your wedding signifies a step into maturity: what better way to mark it than by playing video games with your bros?

Poker Night

This one’s cheaper than a night on the town and easy to arrange. Just pick your buddy with the biggest living room to host, have a $20 buy-in to make it interesting, and make sure to have plenty of snacks and beer on hand. Green visors are not required, but they’re encouraged; ditto fancy cigars.

Rent a Cabin or Beach House

If you can get your buddies to buy into a weekend trip, vacation rentals divided enough ways are far cheaper than a bunch of hotel rooms. Most vacation homes have amenities hotels don’t, either, like private pools and hot tubs (you know, for male bonding). Make sure the rental you’re looking at has options for entertainment during the day--or pack your cards, video game consoles, board games and a whole lot of booze and plan on staying in. Even if you end up doing what your crew always does when you hang out together, it’s more fun in a different locale.

Go See a Game

Sure, you may occasionally go to a baseball, football, hockey, or basketball game, but this is an excuse to pony up a little more cash for good seats, or a sky box, or that third $10 hot dog. Maybe even pack up the grill and a couple of coolers and tailgate beforehand, so you get the most out of the day.

It’s About the Groom

The goal of a bachelor party should be for the groom to have a great time and for all of you to connect as friends. If the groom loves paintball, slap on your gear and go to war. If he’s really into nerdy board games, an entire uninterrupted evening playing Twilight: Imperium or Arkham Horror is better than a trip to a strip club. If he likes golf, make it a golfing trip. If you take something you all enjoy doing together and take it to the next level, the bachelor party can be a great bonding time without risking bodily injury or a jealous spouse.

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