Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Non-traditional Men’s Wedding Bands

Waveform Wedding Rings
When it comes to wedding rings, men get the short end of the stick. The bride gets an engagement ring with a diamond or two, then a wedding band with some sparkle to pair it with. Men’s rings sometimes seem to come in two options: gold or white gold. Sure, a few other metals are becoming popular, like titanium and tungsten, but they still only come in black, silver, or gold tones. If you’d like a little more style in your wedding band, check out these five truly original wedding bands.


A four-billion-year-old chunk of star stuff, having crossed the vast expanses of space, is now ready to become part of your wedding band. It’s a potent metaphor for the vastness and durability of love, and the meteorite stone has a beautiful pattern that isn’t found on any terrestrial metal. Stylish, sci-fi, and sentimental: what’s not to love? Plus, any time someone asks where your ring came from, you get to say, “SPACE.” We recommend saying it with as much bass and reverb as you can muster.


Sure, it’s no meteorite, but wooden wedding rings have a beauty all their own. They have a softness and warmth to them that is a stark contrast to a cold metal ring. Since wood comes in all shades and colors, and can be finished with hundreds of shades of stain or mineral oil, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Wooden rings can also be inlaid with bits of metal or precious stone for an even more unique and beautiful piece.


A men’s wedding band doesn’t have to be a simple band, either. You can add ornamentation without it feeling too fussy or feminine, as the example above shows. Industrial rings have features like rivets and studs that provide visual interest while remaining undeniably masculine. We especially like the steampunk-y feel of the copper rivets on some industrial wedding rings. Other industrial rings play with the traditional ring shape, opting for a hexagonal nuts-and-bolts design or a rugged square.

Waveform Ring

These rings are made from conventional materials, but the decoration on them is anything but typical. The ring features a cutout in the shape of a waveform, the visual representation of a sound. Each waveform is completely unique--your voice is just as one-of-a-kind as your fingerprint. You can choose the sound that’ll be represented on the ring. It can be the “I Do” that you say on your wedding day, or your spouse saying “I Love You,” or a snippet of your recession music. It’s an eye-catching ring and a beautiful memory combined.

Twig Band

These sterling silver bands are cast to look like a circle of twigs around your finger. They’re a little bit nature, a little bit elvish--you would expect to see it around Elrond or Celeborn’s finger. While they don’t have the warmth of a wooden ring, they definitely have a beauty all their own.

With so many cool options to choose from, why should the bride have all the fancy rings? Get a ring that’s as unique as you are. After all, it’s a symbol of your love that you plan to wear forever--make it something you’ll want to show off. For more great ideas, check out my wedding blog by clicking here.


  1. Hi :) Where did you find the picture of the rings above? Me and my future wife would love these excact rings.... where can we buy these?

  2. You can contact the maker here: http://sakurakoshimizu.blogspot.com/p/ring-info.html

    They are all custom ordered, so you'll need to contact him directly to get a quote. Hope this helps, good luck and congrats!