Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Maine

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Maine
Though it may not be the very first place that pops into mind when you think of places to get married, Maine is both popular and breathtaking if you book the right venue at the right time of year. Remember, there are millions of well-off city slickers just a few hours south of Maine in cities like New York, Boston, and Newark, and many of them jump at the chance to get out of the city for a little fresh country air; especially when it’s for their wedding! On top of that, Maine is very wedding-friendly by offering a wide variety of accessories to legally be used including wedding sparklers and other small fireworks. This has led many couples to wonder where to buy wedding sparklers in Maine, and it can be a little trickier than you might anticipate.

The biggest obstacle is that most fireworks shops only sell for a few weeks out of the year. Running a year-round fireworks store isn’t very profitable since demand sharply drops after the most obvious holidays have come and gone, so what is a bride and groom to do? If you find yourself struggling in your search of where to buy wedding sparklers in Maine, you can always do a little shopping online. Having a full box of beautiful wedding sparklers shipped right to your door only takes a few days, so this can be a real life saver if you’re on a time crunch.

However, knowing where to buy wedding sparklers in Maine is only half the battle; you’ll still need to get it approved by your venue. Most of the best wedding venues in Maine are outdoors on rock cliff beaches and near lighthouses, so you shouldn’t get too much resistance from the vast majority of wedding venues. However, it is still important that you call ahead to make sure so you don’t waste your money on a full case of wedding sparklers only to find out that they can never be lit.

Additionally, thought the state completely allows their use, some regions may have different laws. Most towns and cities follow the Maine fireworks laws precisely, but they always have the option to add restrictions such as when fireworks can be used and if you need to get special permits or insurance in case of an incident. Chances are you won’t have any strange hoops to jump through in order to use sparklers at your Maine wedding, but it’s always better to lean on the side of safety instead of chancing it and receiving a possibly sizeable fine or even jail time.

By knowing that you want to use wedding sparklers before you choose your wedding venue in Maine, you stand the best chance of pulling it off. You’ll be able to ask all the right questions from the start and can change the time of year for your wedding based on when they are consider acceptable to use. Most venues will allow you to use wedding sparklers all year and you won’t have and friction, but there are a few exceptions so you need to make sure you do the legwork and everything will be fantastic.

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