Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Massachusetts

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Massachusetts
Massachusetts is one of the oldest states in our country, and that means there are many great historic and colonial buildings throughout the state. That of course means that many couples choose to head to one of many great regions of Massachusetts to get married. Known as the “Bay State”, couples looking to get married can also expect first class seafood that all of their guests will love. Whether you’re planning to have a wedding on Martha’s Vineyard or you prefer something in downtown Boston, you really can’t go wrong having your wedding in Massachusetts. However, it’s not all wine and roses; there are a few things that you need to know about before you start planning your wedding.

Wedding sparklers have recently become part of an overwhelming number of weddings in the United States. Over 30% of weddings now include sparklers as part of the celebration, and that number is going to rise now that many areas of the country are beginning to legalize the use of sparklers that have been holding out for years. So, I’m sure there are many couples out there are wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in Massachusetts since you don’t see them on the shelves at your local grocery store around the 4th of July. The short answer is: not locally.

This can be a really big downer for couples to hear off the bat, but it’s better to know the truth than drive around endlessly looking for something that simply isn’t there. The bottom line is that your local stores aren’t going to be carrying them regardless what time of year it happens to because they are prohibited from selling them.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts is one of those states that have a law prohibiting retailers from selling fireworks of any kind; even though sparklers are technically “novelties” and not considered “fireworks” by the federal government. There is legislation in the works to change the Massachusetts fireworks laws, but it’s still unlikely in the near future. So what are you supposed to do if you want to buy wedding sparklers in Massachusetts?

Well, there are plenty of places to buy wedding sparklers online, but that isn’t the best solution for many of the readers out there today. You could hire a professional fireworks company to come out and put on a huge show for you and all of your guests, but that would be really expensive and it doesn’t really tackle the underlying problem. Your choices are actually pretty simple; either purchase wedding sparklers online or find an alternative that will work instead.

At the end of the day, your wedding is going to be memorable ad spectacular; regardless of whether or not your guests send you off using wedding sparklers. Wedding sparklers certainly add a lot of flash and dazzle to your wedding experience, but you can easily find alternatives that will fit the bill. But for those who are wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in Massachusetts, the only real answer is to shop online or give up on your search.

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