Friday, December 16, 2016

Should You Have A Spring Wedding?

Merits of Having a Spring Wedding
When choosing your wedding date, how likely are you to choose one in the spring? Many couples prefer getting married during this season than during any other. There are some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not you would like to get married in the spring. Your answers to these questions will point you in the right direction.

How do you feel about pastel colored bridesmaid dresses? While some brides think they are too plain others know that their bridesmaids may prefer pastel colors to harsher colors. When your bridesmaids were pastel, each can choose her own color and the wedding party will still look coordinated. While pastel colors are frowned upon for summer, winter and fall weddings, they are popular for spring weddings.

Do you believe in the idea of re-birth? If you do, spring is the ideal season for you to get married in. The season is traditionally associated with renewals and re-births and for many couples it feels like the perfect time to make the transition from engaged to married.

Is an outdoor wedding venue something that appeals to you? Outdoor weddings are usually the most comfortable for your attendants and guests because the temperatures tend to avoid one extreme or the other. No couple wants their guests to be overheated or freezing cold during their wedding.

How do you feel about having flowers included in your celebration? Many types of flowers are in bloom during spring, making them more affordable and easier to obtain than they are the rest of the year. One popular choice among spring brides is cherry blossoms.

Do your friends and family have summer or winter vacations planned? Jet setting friends and family may find them traveling during these seasons and unable to attend your wedding as a result. Fewer people make plans for travel during the spring and with very few holidays you will have your choice of convenient dates.

Are you and your partner culinary superstars? If so, or even if you simply want to support local grocers and farmers, a spring time wedding provides you with the perfect excuse to incorporate the freshest, most healthy selection of fruits and vegetables to use when serving your guests. Farmers markets can be an excellent source of local produce.

Do you have your heart set on a popular wedding venue for your spring wedding? Summer is the most common season to get married in, so if you are eye a particular venue for your wedding chances are it may already be booked solid through the summer months. The rush to get married is usually slower in the spring, making it the ideal time to get married for your choice of venues.

These are the questions to ask yourself if you are contemplating whether or not you want to get married in the spring. In most cases, the more of these questions you answer yes to the more likely it is that a spring time wedding is ideal.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Eco Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Items

Alternatives to Wedding Confetti
Since so many traditional wedding items use up the world’s resources you may be looking for eco-friendly alternatives. There are many items that you include in your wedding while helping preserve natural resources.

One of the biggest resource wasters associated with a wedding are the invitations, save-the-date and RSVP cards. You can avoid this by purchasing invitations and cards that are made from recycled paper. Look for items that can be printed using soy based ink. Alternatively, if you don’t have your heart set on paper invitations or wedding announcements you can send them out digitally.

Flowers may be a staple at most couples’ weddings, but this can become wasteful when the flowers are simply thrown away at the end of the day. If you use flowers in your centerpieces you can offer to let a few of your guests take home the flowers from the table. As far as the baskets of flowers that make up your wedding day décor, it can be a nice gesture, and an environmentally friendly one, to donate those wedding flowers to a hospital or nursing home once your wedding is over. For your own bouquet you can have the flowers preserved and keep them as a cherished memento.

Feeding everyone is a huge part of any wedding, but there is often food leftover. Sending your guests home with the leftovers can be a great way to send them a little extra thank you and will avoid food being thrown away. If you prefer, give the leftover food to a local homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

To combine your wedding cake and your guest favors without having any waste, consider using a tower of decorated cupcakes in place of the traditional wedding cake. Not only does this save you money on favors, a tower of cupcakes will likely cost much less than a wedding cake would. Ask the bakery you order from if your cupcakes will arrive in boxes made from recycled cardboard. If you have your heart set on a wedding cake, you can still make it eco-friendly by requesting that the cake topper be edible flowers made from sugar or fruit.

Guest favors don’t have to be wasteful and they don’t have to be wedding cupcakes if that is not something that interests you. Other eco-friendly ideas for your guest favors include candied apples, homemade treats or even your own signature soda.

Confetti is a very popular item found at most weddings, but if it’s made from plastic or foil it can be terrible for the environment. Instead, choose alternatives to confetti that are safe for the environment like birdseed or rice to have all the benefits of confetti without any of the factors that can harm Mother Earth.

To leave your wedding in style, without harming the earth, you can have your guests’ toss 100% biodegradable fake snow. It looks like real snow but will immediately dissolve the first time it rains after your wedding day. Biodegradable rice is also an item commonly tossed at eco-friendly weddings. Birdseed also works well because your guests will have fun sending you off and when everyone is gone, the birds will swoop down and have a feast.

With the rising cost of most items associated with the typical wedding, more couples are choosing eco-friendly alternatives.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Choosing a Conflict-Free Wedding Diamond

Choosing a Conflict-Free Wedding Diamond
Shopping for your wedding ring is something many women dream of. Today most brides are choosing a conflict free diamond ring. Choosing this type of ring is easier to do the more you know about it.

Being able to identify your stone is the first step in choosing a conflict free diamond. These diamonds always come with a Kimberly Process certificate. The store you buy the diamond from should have a certificate to give you if the diamond truly is conflict free. Any legitimate jeweler will have the System of Warranties statement, which you can also ask to see when making your purchase.

One of the easiest ways to choose a conflict free diamond for your wedding ring is to give your business to a retailer that specializes in them. The most famous example of a jewelry retailer that sells conflict free diamonds is Tiffany & Co.

The countries that produce conflict free diamonds include Canada, Australia and Russia, among others. These countries are participants in the Kimberly Process mentioned above and have seen their revenue greatly increase as a result. The increased revenue benefits those living in each of these countries.

The initiative for the Kimberly Process was completed by both the gemstone industry and the United Nations. Its purpose is to ensure that conflict diamonds are no longer sold because in the past the sale of diamonds was a way to pay for brutal wars. Since the Kimberly Process was started 98% of diamond distributors worldwide adhere to its guidelines. It is now law in 74 different countries that any diamonds sold must be conflict free. In 2003 the Clean Diamond Trade Act was passed in order to provide legislature for the Kimberly Process. Those who are members of the process trade conflict free diamonds with each other and hold each other accountable for having their facilities pass inspection to prove their diamonds are conflict free.

During the period of time between 2010 and 2014 millions of carets worth of diamonds were mined under conditions that many people objected to on a moral level. The resulting idea was that going forward the definition of a conflict diamond became a rough diamond that was one that was mined specifically to pay for military actions rebelling against government.

Be aware of the fact that purchasing a conflict free diamond should be no more expensive than purchasing one that is not conflict free. Do your homework when shopping and you will be sure that you aren’t paying more for your diamond than you need to.

To go in a completely different direction consider purchasing a vintage stone wedding ring. If it is a vintage stone, you can be sure that it is considered conflict free. You will be purchasing a beautiful ring that is eco-friendly as well as produced ethically.

Choosing a conflict free wedding diamond is an important decision that every bride must make, either on her own or with the help of her fiancé.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Putting Together a Timeline for Your Wedding Day

A Timeline for your Wedding Day
You want your wedding day to go as smoothly as possible and one way to make that happen is to have a timeline put together in advance. This will help everyone involved in the wedding stay on track and collaborate on the sequence of events for the day.

When putting together a wedding day timeline it is important to build in enough time for tasks such as hair and makeup. The larger your bridal party is the more you need two or more makeup artists/hair stylists to make the process go as quickly as possible. Many wedding ceremonies have started late because the bridal party wasn't ready on time. Building in enough time for everyone's hair and makeup to be done is a crucial step in helping your wedding day flow smoothly.

Your wedding day timeline should take into account the time of day you want the ceremony to begin. Whatever time you put on your invitations expect that your guests will arrive approximately 30 minutes before then. It is important that any photos scheduled to be taken before the ceremony should be finished by the time guests begin arriving. You will also want to ensure that music will be playing when guests get to your venue and that they will be able to get into it. Also consider the fact that while the majority of your guests are likely to arrive before the scheduled start time, inevitably there will be at least one or more guests who arrive at the venue late. This should be kept in mind when putting together your wedding day timeline. Most weddings start anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Scheduling your cocktail hour and sit down dinner is also important. The cocktail hour is especially important if guests won't have to travel between venues to attend your ceremony and reception. Even if they do have to travel, you will need to know the approximate time it takes to get from the ceremony site to the reception site. You can then choose when to have your cocktail hour begin.

Sit down dinners are typically served to guests within 15 to 30 minutes after the cocktail hour officially ends. Plan on 45 minutes to an hour for your guests to eat and enjoy their meals. Any toasts that are to be made during the reception should be made while guests have their dinner plates in front of them.

After the dinner has ended and dancing has begun it is typical to give your guests one hour until the wedding cake is cut, which usually signifies that the reception is coming to an end. Within that hour you should schedule your garter and bouquet toss if they are to be included in your reception.

Once guests have left your reception venue you will need to plan on approximately one hour for the breaking down of your venue. Keep this in mind when tasking wedding party members with cleanup.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Hiring a Fireworks Company for Your Wedding

Professional Fireworks Show at your Wedding
If you really want to end your wedding with a bang, consider hiring a fireworks company to ensure the festivities are performed carefully by trained professionals. This ensures everyone's safety and will help you impress all of your guests.

There are many professional fireworks companies that you can find by performing a quick online search. Once you have accumulated a list of companies in your area you will want to call them and speak to them about their services before deciding which company to hire. You also want to make sure that they have all the right certifications, becoming a pyrotechnician authorized for weddings and other events is a labor-intensive process and many “professionals” either forge their paperwork or ignore the fact that licensing and permitting are required at all.

Before you call any fireworks company it helps to have a general idea of the amount of money you are able and willing to spend on their services. You may be able to negotiate with companies to get the lowest price possible.

When calling any fireworks company to inquire about their services you will want to discuss with them the logistics of how the fireworks will be set off. You should always double check with your reception venue to ensure that fireworks are allowed before you pay any company for their services. How small or elaborate you want your fireworks display to be will depend on what the company offers you and what your venue allows.

It is recommended that the fireworks company you hire is able to come to your reception venue to see where they would be setting up their display. This well help you confirm with the company what you are hiring them to do. You will also want to arrange for someone to clean up after the fireworks display has concluded.

Other considerations when hiring a fireworks company for your wedding should include making sure that they have the proper insurances and licenses to do so. Reputable fireworks companies will have the insurance and licenses; generally companies that don't are run by amateurs and you should avoid hiring them.

For the most part, the crew you hire to perform your fireworks display will stay out of sight during the wedding as much as possible. It is often preferable to have crew members wearing an official company uniform so that they can be identified as fireworks experts. You will also want to ensure they are dressed for their own safety and comfort.

The fireworks companies you hire should tell you in advance how the needed equipment will be arriving at your venue on the big day. The bigger the show will be the more equipment they will need and this often involves bringing them in on large trucks, trailers or vans. Check with your venue to ensure that the fireworks company you hire will have a place where they can park their vehicles and unload the equipment.

In the event of inclement weather you will want to know what the fireworks company can do for you. In some circumstances, you’ll want to just buy some wedding sparklers to have on hand in case you can’t have a fireworks show at all. Though most people don’t consider sparklers to be fireworks, it can be a viable alternative if you are in a pinch. Some companies will offer you at least a partial refund if weather conditions prevent them from being able to perform the show that you paid for. This should inspire confidence in hiring them.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Planning the Ultimate Fairy Tale Wedding

Entering Wedding in a Carriage
Most little girls enjoy being read fairy tales and when they grow up they want nothing more than a fairy tale wedding. This is a wedding like no other and one many little girls look forward to their whole lives. If you are planning one you will need to tackle the most important aspect of the planning process.

You can’t have the ultimate fairy tale wedding without a castle to get married in. While this is an ambitious undertaking it is not impossible to achieve. Though it is likely you don’t have the means to rent an actual castle, you can search for a wedding venue that has just as much magic to you. This could be anything from a beautiful park to a sprawling country club to a five star luxury hotel. Only you can decide what your ultimate vision for your wedding is, but having a castle of some sort is a very important aspect of any fairy tale wedding; even if it’s just made out of cardboard.

When you have acquired the venue of your dreams you will want to search for the dress of your dreams. For a fairy tale wedding you may not even want to limit yourself to the traditional white dress. A soft pink or rose wedding dress would likely make you look and feel like you just stepped out of a fairytale.

Planning for a fairy tale themed wedding gives you many options in décor, food, drinks and entertainment. You may choose to make your wedding simply feel like a fairy tale or may take inspiration from actual fairy tales from your childhood, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or Cinderella.

For a proper fairy tale wedding, consult with a local bartender and request that they create a signature cocktail for your wedding. They may be able to create a cocktail that will compliment your theme. This can also be a way to save money; many couples have a signature cocktail created for their wedding to avoid offering a full bar while still providing guests with adult drinks.

The way you arrive for your wedding is something that you and your guests will always remember. Though getting married at a castle is too ambitious for most people, you may be able to arrange to arrive at your wedding venue via a horse drawn carriage. You may also wish to leave your wedding the same way you arrived. This will only add to the fairy tale feel of your wedding.

Another way to bring the theme into your wedding is to rent a photo booth for the reception. You can find one that allows you to change the background whenever you want. Acquiring just the right backgrounds can turn pictures from your wedding into more meaningful reminders of the day and of what it means. It also allows your guests to enjoy themselves and get lost in the theme.

Creating a fairy tale wedding is something any couple can do if they put their minds to it. The magic of your favorite fairy tale will only enhance your wedding day.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wedding Theme Ideas That All Couples Should Know

Using Goldfish as your Wedding Centerpeices
There are literally hundreds of thousands of wedding reception themes and ideas that you can find online. Some of those ideas focus on the uniqueness factor of the wedding while some talks about saving money and affordability of the reception.

If your wedding (or someone you know) is just around the corner and you still haven’t decided about the theme, here are few tips and ideas that can certainly help. They answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to themed wedding reception.

Country Wedding

If you love cowboy hats or cowboys in general, this kind of wedding theme is the perfect choice. A country themed wedding reception is quite easy to pull. Sometimes, all you need is a cowboy hat, bandanas and cowboy boots. As for the wedding décor, you can go with horse shoes, hay bales and cowboy hats hanging on the walls. You can also decorate your wedding reception venue like a bar that you typically see in old western movies too.

Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is arguably one of the most popular themes for couples. This kind of theme involves simple and less expensive decors. There are some that uses real seashells and even fishnets as part of their theme decorations. If you want an idea for a creative centerpiece, you can also place a fishbowl with a couple of goldfish in it at the center of each table as part of your decoration. There’s an endless of ideas when it comes to beach wedding theme so better put your imagination to work.

Masquerade Wedding

This is a very nice and fun filled wedding theme that your guests and visitors will surely enjoy. You can ask your guests to bring their own hand held masks or provide one as they enter the reception grounds. You can decorate your venue with the same décor that you usually see in a masquerade ball. Throw in some crystals or shining objects around for the full effect of this unique wedding theme that anyone can do and follow.

Each and every theme above can make your wedding unique, memorable and one of a kind. Just get creative with your decorating and try to stick to a theme to make your wedding as magical as possible.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The History of the Bridal Veil

The History of the Bridal Veil
The use of bridal veils as part of traditional attire for women dates all the way back to medieval times and has remained a tradition ever since. The history of the bridal veil does not have its roots in a place you would likely suspect; it started as a normal piece of attire that married women wore on a daily basis. Like all other traditions, the use of veils for daily use transitioned into only being worn on special occasions such as weddings. It’s not widely regarded as one of the latest wedding trends to wear a veil at your wedding, but there are many variations that are quite new to the scene. The full history and meaning being the bridal veil is important to understand and can make for a few fun trivia questions at your bridal shower.

Back in mediaeval times, a time when tradition was one of the most important parts of daily life, Anglo women wore veils as part of their daily attire. This separated the married women from the single women because an unmarried woman would typically not wear a veil; which would tip off would-be suitors that a woman was available for courtship. However, the veil also had a very practical purpose; covering a married woman’s hair, neck, and chin from the purview of other men. Additionally, the knitted mesh veils protected woman’s skin from wind and sun damage in a time that had few havens from the forces of nature. By the 15th century, the veil was replaced by hoods and the world was prepared to make bridal veils a new wedding tradition.

Wedding traditions in the mediaeval times were much different than they are today, and many of them were rooted in superstition or religious beliefs. Unlike the modern day, there weren’t a lot of options for a mediaeval wedding celebration. Things like veils were all that brides of that area had, so they really put as much care into their choices as possible.

In the 1900’s the bridal veil took a drastic change for the better when the wide loom and silk tulle allowed manufacturers to create much more lightweight and sheer designs. It also brought the cost of a veil down substantially, which meant they were much easier to afford and became even more widespread. The sheer look of the modern bridal veil enhanced a young woman’s attractiveness, and signified modesty, privacy, youth, and virginity. This significance is still prevalent in many wedding traditions today because only first-time brides typically wear a veil at their wedding.

As a final touch to your wedding dress that complements a woman’s individual beauty, the history of the bridal veil is just beginning to be written. Though it has become one of those items that simply appears at most weddings, there is no telling what new and exciting traditions will develop in the future. In fact, with a little creativity when you’re doing your shopping, you could be the next person to add a fun new twist to the timeless tradition of wearing a wedding veil.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

5 Great Wedding Blogs to Follow

Wedding Blogs You Should Follow
As you plan your wedding, you may find yourself in need of a little inspiration. When you’re searching for the perfect centerpieces for your tables, or a truly knockout bridal dress, or a whimsical wedding theme, wedding blogs can be a great source of ideas. Many of them can serve as the hub for planning your entire wedding, in fact. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Knot

This is the grand dame of wedding blogs, a massive site with years of blog content, calculators, planners, listings of local vendors, you name it. They even have budgeting tools and checklists to keep you organized. In terms of sheer size and utility, The Knot is definitely a must-bookmark site for wedding planning. The only downside is the site is seriously huge, so there’s a lot of material to look through. Oh, and they’ll keep bugging you to log in until you break down and give them your email address.

A Practical Wedding

These guys have a similar mission statement to the Knot--provide a one-stop destination for wedding budgeting, planning, and ideas--but they’re a little more down-to-earth. Our favorite is the section devoted to DIY wedding projects. For your basic middle-class wedding without every conceivable bell and whistle, these guys have great ideas for making a beautiful wedding happen on a budget.

Offbeat Bride

If the previous two are a little too staid for your sensibilities, the name says it all with Offbeat Bride. They have a lot of solid info, but it’s served up with a side of humor and irreverence that’s refreshing. There’s a section called “Wedding Porn,” if that’s any indication. Want to have a rockabilly wedding and wondering what to serve at the reception? Are you wondering how to dye your bridesmaid’s Mohawks to match their dresses? Want the latest in Steampunk wedding accessories? Look no further. What’s more, Offbeat Bride works with to produce wedding website templates for offbeat couples.

The Broke-ass Bride

We’ll give you one guess what the main focus of this blog is--and no, it’s not about donkeys in need of repair. This site focuses on planning a frugal wedding, with articles about finding great deals on bridal and bridesmaids dresses, tips for cutting down the budget, and interviews with real broke-ass brides to see how they pulled it off. This blog is definitely a “must-read” for couples looking to cut the budget without the wedding feeling cheap.

The Anti-Bride

The Anti-Bride’s credo is “tying the knot outside of the box.” While that’s a little geometrically confusing, it’s not a bad way to approach planning the big day. From punk rock wedding dresses to budget tips to the latest in reception desserts, the Anti-Bride’s seriously cool. Plus, they have a great iPhone app.

When the wedding planning process hits a wall, you can use these great wedding blogs to give you inspiration. As you compile your own thoughts and ideas, consider starting your own wedding blog that chronicles your journey and documents the entire planning process. Whether you’re planning a huge fairy-tale wedding or an intimate bohemian get-together, sharing your own experiences on a wedding blog can help make someone else’s wedding a whole lot better. And who knows; maybe your wedding blog will be on a list just like this one someday.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The 7 Most Helpful Wedding Apps

Apps That Help You Plan Your Wedding
Planning a wedding is a huge job. With all the decisions to make, moving pieces to coordinate, and vendors to schedule, it’s a minor miracle when everything goes smoothly. Fortunately, in the year of our Lord 2015, you carry a wedding planner in your pocket: your smartphone! Here are a few apps that can help make your wedding run smoothly.


Don’t let the vaguely scatological name fool you; this app packs plenty of wedding planning punch. You can create budgets, search for vendors, and even create seating charts, all with this one app. It also comes with an inspiration section to help you visualize how your big day will look.

Wedding Budget

Keep on top of all your wedding expenses with this little powerhouse. It lets you allocate funds to everything from the bachelor party to the reception, and then lets you keep track of expenses. It’ll even generate pie charts so you can see at a glance how you’re doing. If you’re trying to keep your wedding on budget, this app is one of the best tools out there.

Zola Registry

Kick your registry up a notch with this app. It pulls together registries from various stores into one master list, and then allows you to scan in new items using barcodes and your smartphone’s camera. You can even set up a honeymoon or charitable fund your guests can contribute to in lieu of gifts.

Appy Couple

How many times have you received a wedding invitation and somehow lost it before the ceremony? If you’re like us, you’ve been late to at least one wedding while you frantically call other guests to find when and where the ceremony is. Appy Couple can help! It allows you to make a customized app for your wedding that guests can download. Process RSVPs, give directions and registry information, all the stuff that a paper invitation does, only much harder for your guests to lose.

Fun Wedding

Are you going to DJ your own wedding, but are worried that you won’t be able to keep the party rocking? Fun Wedding will help you pick the perfect tunes for every demographic at your wedding, from millennials to senior citizens. Get inspiration with lists of the most requested wedding songs, Billboard top 100 lists, and more.

The Knot Wedding Planner

There’s no wedding blog quite like the Knot, and there’s no wedding planner quite like the Knot Wedding Planner app. It’ll help with inspiration and ideas, give you checklists to fill out to make sure nothing gets left out, help you connect with vendors and manage your budget, and more.

Wedding Party

This app is the digital equivalent of giving each guest a disposable camera to capture candid shots, but without the rounding up cameras and paying for developing. You can set an event name and guests can upload their photos on the timeline. When someone wants to see your wedding photos, you’ll have them all in one place!

If you’re stressing about planning your wedding, pull out your phone and check out some of these apps. If you download a couple of them, you’ll be able to organize your wedding without losing your mind or nostalgia.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wedding Dress Maintenance Tips

Maintaining Your Wedding Dress
Maintaining your wedding dress is something that you will want to do after your wedding. There are certain steps that you need to take in order to preserve your dress and the quality of it.

The process should start before your wedding day even arrives. When you purchase your wedding dress it is best to send it for a professional cleaning. It will look more beautiful on your wedding day if you do and it will prevent fading before you wear it.

Between the time you purchase your wedding dress and the day you get married it is important to store it properly. In addition to keeping it clean and free of stains storing it properly will also keep it bright white as well. Keep your wedding dress in a storage bag in your closet until one to two days before your wedding. The closet needs to be dark and cool in order to preserve and maintain your wedding dress properly otherwise the color could change unexpectedly.

Within 24 to 48 hours of your wedding you will want to remove your dress from storage and check it for stains. They can be spot cleaned by making a cleaner out of laundry detergent and some warm water. Once you have mixed the cleaner, dip an old toothbrush into it and gently run the toothbrush over the stain.

While this is one method of cleaning a wedding dress involves getting it wet, there are alternative cleaning options that don’t involve getting your dress wet. This is when your dress is spot cleaned professionally and then sent to a dry cleaner.

You will need to be mindful of maintaining your dress even during your wedding. It is important to avoid eating or drinking anything at your reception that could run your dress if you spill it. Be especially careful if you are drinking red wine because this type of stain is extremely difficult to remove from fabric.

Following your wedding day you will need a proper box to store your dress in. Your dress should be dry cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding and placed into storage. If you don’t have the time or desire to take your dress to the cleaners you also have the option of ordering a wedding dress preservation kit. These kits are mailed to you, along with a pre-paid label that allows you to send them your dress and receive it cleaned and preserved anywhere from six to eight weeks later.

It is crucial for your wedding dress to be stored in an acid free package. Muslin or acid free paper is used to wrap up your dress for maintenance purposes. You may opt to store your dress in a box that has a clear panel on the front, allowing you to see the surface of the dress without having to take it out of the box.

These are the steps you need to take in order to preserve your wedding dress and keep it looking fresh, new, and clean forever. Your wedding dress is an important part of your personal history, so making sure it’s preserved and maintained properly will ensure that you can hand it down and cherish it for many years to come.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Traditional Wedding Foods from Around the World

Peking Duck Served at a Wedding
If you don’t count the multi-tiered cake, there aren’t many foods associated with a traditional North American wedding. Usually you have a choice of chicken or steak and some dinner rolls and call it good. So when you’re planning your festivities, feel free to borrow some of these delicious traditional wedding foods from around the globe. Whether you’re planning your rehearsal dinner or want something interesting for the main course at your wedding, these delicious options are sure to get your guests talking.

Germany: Hochzeitssuppe

This traditional German soup is a simple clear broth with miniature meatballs and vegetables. Though it looks like a pretty straightforward dish, some traditional recipes call for it to cook for five hours, but there are recipes that rein that in to a more manageable 90 minutes. The trick is to prepare each part of the soup separately, and then combine it into bowls right before it’s to be served. That way the meatballs and vegetables don’t fall apart like they would if they were boiled with the broth.

China: Whole Peking Duck

Imagine lifting the lid off your serving dish at your wedding banquet and finding a whole rusted duck, complete with head and feet! It’s a traditional wedding dish in China, and thought it may seem strange, the dish has a lot of symbolism associated with it. The fully intact duck symbolizes the completeness of married life, and the meat is red, which is a color associated with good luck. Even the choice of animal is symbolic: ducks mate for life, so they make a good culinary mascot for the wedding day.

Brazil: Casadinhos

At weddings in Brazil, guests are served individually wrapped sandwich cookies called casadinhos, which means “married” in Portuguese. They’re soft cookies sandwiched around marmalade or cream, then tied up in paper and string tied in a bow. The little wrapped packages are called “bem casados,” meaning “well married,” and symbolize the joining together of the bride and groom. These make great appetizers for your wedding reception or even a late night snack.

Mexico: Birria

The traditional dish at many Mexican weddings is birria, a stew made with goat meat, which is rumored to be an aphrodisiac. It can also be made with beef, pork, or even iguana, depending on what’s handy. It’s traditionally prepared by baking the meat in a clay pot for hours under burning coals. If you’re not into digging a pit in the backyard to make the dish, there’s a recipe that you can make in your own oven.

Sweden: Prinsesstårta

If you’ve ever been to the cafeteria at Ikea, you’ve seen a miniature version of the Princess Cake served at Swiss weddings. It’s a dome-shaped confection made of layers of cake with filling between, covered with a marzipan seal. It’s traditionally colored a bright spring green to be the highlight of a festive reception.

Granted, there are plenty of delicious North American offerings for a wedding reception. You can go with comfort food, like mac ‘n’ cheese and burgers, or haute cuisine like filet mignon. But if you’re feeling a little adventurous planning your reception menu, consider including one of these global delicacies. After all, what sounds more exciting: “chicken or fish” or “birria or hochzeitsuppe?”

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Choosing a Wedding Handbag

Choosing a Wedding Handbag
The handbag you carry on your wedding day should only be big enough for the few things you will need. For most women this means purchasing a new handbag for their wedding day.

The first step in choosing your wedding handbag is to find one you are comfortable with. A clutch is the typical choice, but many women avoid this type of handbag because it doesn’t usually come with a strap, and holding the clutch all day can become cumbersome. If you must have a clutch, try to find one that has an optional shoulder or wrist strap that can be attached and detached at will.

Depending on your priorities it may be important to you to have your wedding handbag match your shoes. Since most brides wear white shoes, this can be easy to do. However, in the event that you want colored shoes, consider purchasing both shoes and a handbag that can be dyed the same color. Note that you will need your handbag and shoes to have the same texture if you want everything to match.

Not all brides insist on having their shoes and their bag match, so if you really want to make a splash on your wedding day the color of your handbag can be a contrast to the color of your shoes or any other part of your outfit. A sheen or metallic bag can add some more excitement to your wedding dress.

If a plain colored bag isn’t your style, considering purchasing a wedding day handbag in a floral pattern. This is especially common among brides getting married during the summer or in a tropical location.

An out of the box idea for your wedding day handbag is a hard case box clutch. This has become a very trendy bag to carry whether it is your wedding day or not. Softer material isn’t good for a wedding handbag because the items in the bag will likely make it look overloaded and bulky. Using a handbag with a hard case on the outside is the best way to make your wedding day more elegant. Straw clutches are also becoming a popular choice and can be used as a wedding day handbag if you choose.

For a timeless classic, you can’t go wrong with a handbag adorned with pearls, either real or fake. Any Mother of Pearl handbag makes it one that will enhance how you feel about yourself on your wedding day. It is also an investment in your future as you will likely be able to hand that bag down to your daughter, daughter in law or granddaughter someday.

Beaded and embroidered bags are also a great choice for a wedding handbag. Since most evening bags are beaded and embroidered it is the perfect choice for a nighttime wedding and reception.

As long as your wedding handbag is a help and not a hindrance on your big day, choosing the one you want is a personal decision to make. Style is everything at your wedding, so focus on finding a look that matches the rest of your dress and accessories and you should be in business.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

DIY Sparkler Holder Templates

Buying sparkler holders for your upcoming wedding can be quite a challenge, especially if you are planning to use a specific set of colors or a general theme. Fortunately, you can make your own wedding sparkler holders in a huge variety of colors without having to pay someone else to do it! I found this great Instructable that allows you to download a template of your choice, print them out, cut them to size, and insert your own wedding sparklers. Here’s a picture of what you can expect:

Sparkler Holder Templates

They provide a link to several different patterns and colors in this tutorial, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a template that suits your needs. You could always shop for sparkler holders on Etsy, but it’s so much cheaper to do them yourself; plus it can be a fun activity at your wedding shower!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 Lovely “Something Blue” Items

4 Lovely “Something Blue” Items
No matter what style of wedding dress or colors you choose, adding “something blue” to your outfit can be a little trickier than you think. Most brides aren’t taking into consideration the use of something blue when they pick out their wedding dress and accessories, so when it comes time to add it to the mix it can be a really tough situation. Fortunately, there are some ways to incorporate something blue into your wedding outfit that will not only blend well; it will make a bold statement to those who pay attention. Here are four of my favorite ways to add something blue to your ensemble.


Adding some blue to your wedding outfit utilizing your shoes is a great way to camouflage it into the mix. Most wedding dresses are long enough to obscure your shoes from view for most of the wedding, so the blue won’t stick out like a sore thumb as you say your vows. Also, since shoes are sort of a separate fashion piece all together, choosing a bold color such as blue can add depth and contrast to your wedding outfit; and that is never a bad thing.



Jewelry is another subtle way to add blue to your wedding day ensemble because you can choose blue stones that don’t stand out too much. Whether you wear blue in your earrings, a broach, your necklace, or in your tiara, chances are that most people won’t even see that the stones are blue. There are many lovely blue gemstones and jewels from which to choose including aquamarine, tanzanite, or even blue diamonds if you have access to such a lovely piece of jewelry.


Adding some blue flowers to your wedding bouquet is a great way to show off the color without making it too overbearing in your outfit. Wedding bouquets are often a variety of different colors, adding some splashes of blue can be a nice touch to the overall look. You can add hydrangeas, orchids, or roses that are all tinted blue for a dazzling addition to your bouquet that won’t steal the show but add to the beauty.


Lastly, the boldest option that you have to add something blue to your outfit is to buy a blue wedding dress. Most brides who go this route will choose a lighter shade like baby blue, but there really aren’t any rules so you can choose whatever shade you like. It should go without saying that wearing a blue wedding dress is not for every bride, but if you choose this option there will be no question that you are wearing “something blue” on your wedding day.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Mississippi

Where to Buy Wedding Sparklers in Mississippi
Planning to have your wedding in Mississippi can be a wonderful experience, and there is a lot of southern charm to be had in the Magnolia State. From beautiful rolling hills filled with trees to the Gulf Coast, Mississippi has something to offer to any couple. Though you won’t find any of America’s largest cities or densest population, it doesn’t stop Mississippi from being among the top wedding destinations in the United States.

If you are a couple who is seeking a rustic or country themed wedding that is authentic and full of culture, Mississippi should be on the top of your list. On the other hand, Mississippi’s Gulf Coast offers some of the most beautiful beaches and pristine waters in North America, so you can also have a fantastic beach wedding if you desire. Everywhere you look, there is something wonderful going on in Mississippi and that’s exactly why so many couples flock there each year to get hitched.

On top of having so many wonderful places to get married, Mississippi also has some of the most lenient rules in the country surrounding fireworks. This is great news for couples who want a fireworks show or even just a few wedding sparklers at their celebration because more and more states are putting up restrictions these days. Mississippi is not one of those states, so you won’t need to worry about finding what you need when you arrive for your wedding.

Mississippi Fireworks Laws

As I said before, there are very few restrictions in Mississippi when it comes to fireworks; some may even argue too few. If you take a moment to review the Mississippi fireworks laws, you’ll see that almost any firework you could imagine is legal to purchase and use. This is great news, however, for couples wondering where to buy wedding sparklers in Mississippi since they are the least regulated firework in the country. The only fireworks that are specifically prohibited are cherry bombs, tubular salutes, repeating bombs, aerial bombs, and torpedoes, and if you know what any of those are then you understand why they are banned. Items like wedding sparklers are very easy to come by since they sell sparklers and other small novelties at pretty much every gas station.

Probably the most shocking fact about the laws surrounding fireworks in Mississippi is that you only need to be 12 years old to purchase them. While that may seem crazy to some, children in Mississippi are raised to respect fireworks and learn how to safely use them at a very young age. Believe it or not, Mississippi has one of the fewest numbers of injuries from fireworks per year, and that is a statistic to be proud of.

Buying Fireworks in Mississippi

Though nearly every firework is legal in Mississippi, buying them during certain parts of the year can be a bit of a challenge. Fireworks are only legal to sell from June 15-July 5 and December 5-January 2 to celebrate the 4th of July and New Year’s, but you can actually use them all year long. This can be a little challenging for couples wondering where to buy wedding sparkler in Mississippi during other parts of the year. Fortunately, sparklers aren’t included in the selling bans. If you can’t find any sparklers near your wedding venue in Mississippi, you can always shop online and have them shipped to your hotel.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to Choose a Stone for Your Engagement Ring

How to Choose a Stone for your Engagement Ring
Getting engaged is the first step toward a lifetime of happiness together, meaning that a lot of pressure is put on purchasing an engagement ring. The good news is, there are no rules, so long as you choose a ring with your spouse-to-be in mind, taking into account any hints you’ve been given and what their typical jewelry style is, you’re all set!

One of the most important, yet most challenging parts of buying an engagement ring is choosing the stone(s) for the ring. We’ve broken down what details to keep in mind when purchasing a stone so you can focus on what’s really important, getting engaged!

Diamonds – If you’re opting for a classic look, you can’t go wrong with a diamond. When shopping for a diamond, what you’ve heard is true, the 4Cs are the key to purchasing the right one for your ring (cut, clarity, color, carat). First, decide, how many carats you want the ring to be (be sure to set a budget before shopping so you have a price point in mind for what size stones you are looking at).

Once you have chosen a total weight, decide how you want the carat weight of the ring to be broken down. Do you want one stone, a center stone surrounded by a halo (or two) of small diamonds, or maybe just two to three diamonds of equal size?

After you have chosen the carat weight of your ring, the next option is deciding the color of the stone(s). Does the ideal ring have a colored center, a colorless center with a colored halo, vice versa? Diamond colors are measured on the GIA Diamond Color Scale ranging from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown tint). Colorless diamonds go better in white gold or platinum settings as yellow gold would reflect, making the diamond look yellowed. If colored diamonds are what you are looking for, yellow and “chocolate” diamonds are available options.

A diamond’s physical appearance is also impacted by clarity, which refers to the visual appearance of internal characteristics (inclusions) and external characteristics (blemishes) of the diamond. Clarity is measured on the GIA Diamond Clarity scale ranging from Flawless to Included (I1, I2, and I3) meaning that inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification.

Each diamond you choose for the ring has its own cut. Simply put, the cut refers to the shape and number of sides the diamond has. Cuts include round, oval, pear-shaped, princess-cut, and others. The shape will affect how the stone(s) are set on the band.

Lab-grown diamonds – Whether you’re looking for a more cost effective diamond or want an ethically sourced option, a lab-grown stone is a great choice for you. The best lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable to the naked eye, and often hard for jewelers to differentiate from mined diamonds.

These diamonds are not like cubic zirconia or moissanite as they do not wear down or lose shine over time. Lab-grown diamonds are taken care of just like mined diamonds, and will wear the same way for just as long if treated properly.

Gemstone – Diamonds are not a requirement for engagement rings. In fact, engagement rings look just as beautiful with other gemstones, and there are plenty of other stones to choose from, such as emeralds or rubies. Gems make an excellent center stone or colored accent stones to surround a center diamond. If you know that she wants a spin on tradition, a gemstone ring is the way to go. It still creates a classy, elegant ring with a change of color and different look.

Article Written by Emily Rochotte

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Amazing Tips to Plan a Memorable Evening Wedding

Planning an Evening Wedding
Ultimately, a wedding is about celebrating the love between you and your partner. Well, there is another goal popping up in your mind; throwing an epic party for your guests to cherish forever. What will be your steps to make this big day stand out in the crowd? There are different ways available to upgrade your standard nuptials experience and make your event the master of all weddings your guests have attended so far. Here's what you need to know.

Planning for a wonderful wedding:

To start, you should think about the evening wedding experience as a whole. Surely, your closest friends and family members are elated to see you walking down the aisle. However, waiting for more than an hour is not what a celebration means or is supposed to feel like. Always remember that most of your guests have travelled a long way to spend some memorable time with you. So, they might not feel extremely happy if they're forced to wait for such a long time. Here's some things to keep in mind.

  • Guests always come first: Make a list of the number of guests approximately who are going to attend your wedding, as you need to manage the food and beverages accordingly. Knowing your number means you can arrange for space too.
  • Music and dancing entertainment: It’s your wedding, and it’s all about the celebration. Therefore, always remember to arrange a best DJ for your evening so your guests can enjoy. Having some groovy music to tap their feet and hit the dance floor is enough to make your guests go gaga over the evening.
  • Add a touch of light: As you are planning hard to make your wedding evening a memorable one, you should arrange for some nice lighting. How about incorporating disco lights just above the dance floor to create a completely new aura of celebration? Well, sounds great, doesn't it?
  • Listen to the weather forecast: Before you fix up a date, you should be aware of the surrounding weather patterns. Of course, you cannot control the weather and drastic weather change can happen anytime, but still you can try to plan for a wedding date in the summer months or when the winter season starts to approach.
  • A perfect wedding venue: Whether you are planning to accommodate a small group or entertain a larger one, you need to choose the venue accordingly. Opt for either an indoor or outdoor platform, whichever suits your needs and budget.

These are some of most amazing tips I've encountered over the years that will make your wedding a wonderful memory for you and your guests. Striking a chord between entertainment and fun is all that you need to make your evening wedding ceremony and reception special for everyone who comes.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nighttime Wedding Ceremonies

Different Color LED Balloons at a Wedding
Having your wedding ceremony at night can be a beautiful way to celebrate your love, but it comes along with its own set of unique challenges. In order to pull it off without too much hassle, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper lighting throughout the ceremony venue to avoid any tripping hazards or confusion amongst your guests. Additionally, the decorations and other accessories that you choose for your wedding will be much different than those selected for a normal indoor or daytime wedding ceremony. Here are a few fun ideas to help you make the most of your nighttime wedding.

Party Lanterns

First off, you’ll need basic lighting for your venue. You don’t want it too bright by using halogens or other bright light sources, but you also want your guests to be able to see where they are going and who they are talking to at your reception. Consider buying some LED party lanterns that create the perfect amount of light and ambiance to make your nighttime wedding a glowing success.

LED Balloons

Balloons have been a staple wedding decoration since they were invented, but most of the time they are easy to see because the wedding is either held indoors or during the day. For nighttime weddings, consider using different colored LED balloons throughout the venue to add some accents and highlight certain areas. You won’t need too many to get the desired look; just enough to make the venue look more exciting and fun.

Wedding Sparklers

Though they are very popular for indoor use because they don’t create any smoke while they burn, by far the best way to use sparklers at your wedding is to use them outdoors when it is as dark as possible. Using sparklers at a nighttime wedding will yield some of the coolest pictures in your scrapbook; especially if you use them to draw hearts or words in the air! Best of all, they are pretty much the cheapest wedding favor you can buy.

Sky Lanterns

Lastly, there is nothing more romantic than a coordinated release of sky lanterns at the end of your wedding ceremony to solidify your union and signify that the reception is about to begin. During the day, most people use the white colored lanterns because they are easy to see against a blue sky backdrop. However, at a nighttime wedding, you can choose color sky lanterns instead because the illumination from inside each one will create a colorful and dazzling display as they fade into the distance over the course of several minutes.

Embracing the darkness of night for your wedding can quickly turn an ordinary event into a timeless classic that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Just remember that shopping for decorations and accessories for your nighttime wedding is vastly different than shopping for an indoor wedding, and that lighting should always be one of your primary concerns.