Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Amazing Tips to Plan a Memorable Evening Wedding

Planning an Evening Wedding
Ultimately, a wedding is about celebrating the love between you and your partner. Well, there is another goal popping up in your mind; throwing an epic party for your guests to cherish forever. What will be your steps to make this big day stand out in the crowd? There are different ways available to upgrade your standard nuptials experience and make your event the master of all weddings your guests have attended so far. Here's what you need to know.

Planning for a wonderful wedding:

To start, you should think about the evening wedding experience as a whole. Surely, your closest friends and family members are elated to see you walking down the aisle. However, waiting for more than an hour is not what a celebration means or is supposed to feel like. Always remember that most of your guests have travelled a long way to spend some memorable time with you. So, they might not feel extremely happy if they're forced to wait for such a long time. Here's some things to keep in mind.

  • Guests always come first: Make a list of the number of guests approximately who are going to attend your wedding, as you need to manage the food and beverages accordingly. Knowing your number means you can arrange for space too.
  • Music and dancing entertainment: It’s your wedding, and it’s all about the celebration. Therefore, always remember to arrange a best DJ for your evening so your guests can enjoy. Having some groovy music to tap their feet and hit the dance floor is enough to make your guests go gaga over the evening.
  • Add a touch of light: As you are planning hard to make your wedding evening a memorable one, you should arrange for some nice lighting. How about incorporating disco lights just above the dance floor to create a completely new aura of celebration? Well, sounds great, doesn't it?
  • Listen to the weather forecast: Before you fix up a date, you should be aware of the surrounding weather patterns. Of course, you cannot control the weather and drastic weather change can happen anytime, but still you can try to plan for a wedding date in the summer months or when the winter season starts to approach.
  • A perfect wedding venue: Whether you are planning to accommodate a small group or entertain a larger one, you need to choose the venue accordingly. Opt for either an indoor or outdoor platform, whichever suits your needs and budget.

These are some of most amazing tips I've encountered over the years that will make your wedding a wonderful memory for you and your guests. Striking a chord between entertainment and fun is all that you need to make your evening wedding ceremony and reception special for everyone who comes.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nighttime Wedding Ceremonies

Different Color LED Balloons at a Wedding
Having your wedding ceremony at night can be a beautiful way to celebrate your love, but it comes along with its own set of unique challenges. In order to pull it off without too much hassle, you’ll need to make sure that you have the proper lighting throughout the ceremony venue to avoid any tripping hazards or confusion amongst your guests. Additionally, the decorations and other accessories that you choose for your wedding will be much different than those selected for a normal indoor or daytime wedding ceremony. Here are a few fun ideas to help you make the most of your nighttime wedding.

Party Lanterns

First off, you’ll need basic lighting for your venue. You don’t want it too bright by using halogens or other bright light sources, but you also want your guests to be able to see where they are going and who they are talking to at your reception. Consider buying some LED party lanterns that create the perfect amount of light and ambiance to make your nighttime wedding a glowing success.

LED Balloons

Balloons have been a staple wedding decoration since they were invented, but most of the time they are easy to see because the wedding is either held indoors or during the day. For nighttime weddings, consider using different colored LED balloons throughout the venue to add some accents and highlight certain areas. You won’t need too many to get the desired look; just enough to make the venue look more exciting and fun.

Wedding Sparklers

Though they are very popular for indoor use because they don’t create any smoke while they burn, by far the best way to use sparklers at your wedding is to use them outdoors when it is as dark as possible. Using sparklers at a nighttime wedding will yield some of the coolest pictures in your scrapbook; especially if you use them to draw hearts or words in the air! Best of all, they are pretty much the cheapest wedding favor you can buy.

Sky Lanterns

Lastly, there is nothing more romantic than a coordinated release of sky lanterns at the end of your wedding ceremony to solidify your union and signify that the reception is about to begin. During the day, most people use the white colored lanterns because they are easy to see against a blue sky backdrop. However, at a nighttime wedding, you can choose color sky lanterns instead because the illumination from inside each one will create a colorful and dazzling display as they fade into the distance over the course of several minutes.

Embracing the darkness of night for your wedding can quickly turn an ordinary event into a timeless classic that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Just remember that shopping for decorations and accessories for your nighttime wedding is vastly different than shopping for an indoor wedding, and that lighting should always be one of your primary concerns.