Tuesday, June 28, 2016

4 Lovely “Something Blue” Items

4 Lovely “Something Blue” Items
No matter what style of wedding dress or colors you choose, adding “something blue” to your outfit can be a little trickier than you think. Most brides aren’t taking into consideration the use of something blue when they pick out their wedding dress and accessories, so when it comes time to add it to the mix it can be a really tough situation. Fortunately, there are some ways to incorporate something blue into your wedding outfit that will not only blend well; it will make a bold statement to those who pay attention. Here are four of my favorite ways to add something blue to your ensemble.


Adding some blue to your wedding outfit utilizing your shoes is a great way to camouflage it into the mix. Most wedding dresses are long enough to obscure your shoes from view for most of the wedding, so the blue won’t stick out like a sore thumb as you say your vows. Also, since shoes are sort of a separate fashion piece all together, choosing a bold color such as blue can add depth and contrast to your wedding outfit; and that is never a bad thing.



Jewelry is another subtle way to add blue to your wedding day ensemble because you can choose blue stones that don’t stand out too much. Whether you wear blue in your earrings, a broach, your necklace, or in your tiara, chances are that most people won’t even see that the stones are blue. There are many lovely blue gemstones and jewels from which to choose including aquamarine, tanzanite, or even blue diamonds if you have access to such a lovely piece of jewelry.


Adding some blue flowers to your wedding bouquet is a great way to show off the color without making it too overbearing in your outfit. Wedding bouquets are often a variety of different colors, adding some splashes of blue can be a nice touch to the overall look. You can add hydrangeas, orchids, or roses that are all tinted blue for a dazzling addition to your bouquet that won’t steal the show but add to the beauty.


Lastly, the boldest option that you have to add something blue to your outfit is to buy a blue wedding dress. Most brides who go this route will choose a lighter shade like baby blue, but there really aren’t any rules so you can choose whatever shade you like. It should go without saying that wearing a blue wedding dress is not for every bride, but if you choose this option there will be no question that you are wearing “something blue” on your wedding day.

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