Wednesday, August 31, 2016

5 Great Wedding Blogs to Follow

Wedding Blogs You Should Follow
As you plan your wedding, you may find yourself in need of a little inspiration. When you’re searching for the perfect centerpieces for your tables, or a truly knockout bridal dress, or a whimsical wedding theme, wedding blogs can be a great source of ideas. Many of them can serve as the hub for planning your entire wedding, in fact. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Knot

This is the grand dame of wedding blogs, a massive site with years of blog content, calculators, planners, listings of local vendors, you name it. They even have budgeting tools and checklists to keep you organized. In terms of sheer size and utility, The Knot is definitely a must-bookmark site for wedding planning. The only downside is the site is seriously huge, so there’s a lot of material to look through. Oh, and they’ll keep bugging you to log in until you break down and give them your email address.

A Practical Wedding

These guys have a similar mission statement to the Knot--provide a one-stop destination for wedding budgeting, planning, and ideas--but they’re a little more down-to-earth. Our favorite is the section devoted to DIY wedding projects. For your basic middle-class wedding without every conceivable bell and whistle, these guys have great ideas for making a beautiful wedding happen on a budget.

Offbeat Bride

If the previous two are a little too staid for your sensibilities, the name says it all with Offbeat Bride. They have a lot of solid info, but it’s served up with a side of humor and irreverence that’s refreshing. There’s a section called “Wedding Porn,” if that’s any indication. Want to have a rockabilly wedding and wondering what to serve at the reception? Are you wondering how to dye your bridesmaid’s Mohawks to match their dresses? Want the latest in Steampunk wedding accessories? Look no further. What’s more, Offbeat Bride works with to produce wedding website templates for offbeat couples.

The Broke-ass Bride

We’ll give you one guess what the main focus of this blog is--and no, it’s not about donkeys in need of repair. This site focuses on planning a frugal wedding, with articles about finding great deals on bridal and bridesmaids dresses, tips for cutting down the budget, and interviews with real broke-ass brides to see how they pulled it off. This blog is definitely a “must-read” for couples looking to cut the budget without the wedding feeling cheap.

The Anti-Bride

The Anti-Bride’s credo is “tying the knot outside of the box.” While that’s a little geometrically confusing, it’s not a bad way to approach planning the big day. From punk rock wedding dresses to budget tips to the latest in reception desserts, the Anti-Bride’s seriously cool. Plus, they have a great iPhone app.

When the wedding planning process hits a wall, you can use these great wedding blogs to give you inspiration. As you compile your own thoughts and ideas, consider starting your own wedding blog that chronicles your journey and documents the entire planning process. Whether you’re planning a huge fairy-tale wedding or an intimate bohemian get-together, sharing your own experiences on a wedding blog can help make someone else’s wedding a whole lot better. And who knows; maybe your wedding blog will be on a list just like this one someday.

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