Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wedding Dress Maintenance Tips

Maintaining Your Wedding Dress
Maintaining your wedding dress is something that you will want to do after your wedding. There are certain steps that you need to take in order to preserve your dress and the quality of it.

The process should start before your wedding day even arrives. When you purchase your wedding dress it is best to send it for a professional cleaning. It will look more beautiful on your wedding day if you do and it will prevent fading before you wear it.

Between the time you purchase your wedding dress and the day you get married it is important to store it properly. In addition to keeping it clean and free of stains storing it properly will also keep it bright white as well. Keep your wedding dress in a storage bag in your closet until one to two days before your wedding. The closet needs to be dark and cool in order to preserve and maintain your wedding dress properly otherwise the color could change unexpectedly.

Within 24 to 48 hours of your wedding you will want to remove your dress from storage and check it for stains. They can be spot cleaned by making a cleaner out of laundry detergent and some warm water. Once you have mixed the cleaner, dip an old toothbrush into it and gently run the toothbrush over the stain.

While this is one method of cleaning a wedding dress involves getting it wet, there are alternative cleaning options that don’t involve getting your dress wet. This is when your dress is spot cleaned professionally and then sent to a dry cleaner.

You will need to be mindful of maintaining your dress even during your wedding. It is important to avoid eating or drinking anything at your reception that could run your dress if you spill it. Be especially careful if you are drinking red wine because this type of stain is extremely difficult to remove from fabric.

Following your wedding day you will need a proper box to store your dress in. Your dress should be dry cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding and placed into storage. If you don’t have the time or desire to take your dress to the cleaners you also have the option of ordering a wedding dress preservation kit. These kits are mailed to you, along with a pre-paid label that allows you to send them your dress and receive it cleaned and preserved anywhere from six to eight weeks later.

It is crucial for your wedding dress to be stored in an acid free package. Muslin or acid free paper is used to wrap up your dress for maintenance purposes. You may opt to store your dress in a box that has a clear panel on the front, allowing you to see the surface of the dress without having to take it out of the box.

These are the steps you need to take in order to preserve your wedding dress and keep it looking fresh, new, and clean forever. Your wedding dress is an important part of your personal history, so making sure it’s preserved and maintained properly will ensure that you can hand it down and cherish it for many years to come.

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