Friday, September 30, 2016

Planning the Ultimate Fairy Tale Wedding

Entering Wedding in a Carriage
Most little girls enjoy being read fairy tales and when they grow up they want nothing more than a fairy tale wedding. This is a wedding like no other and one many little girls look forward to their whole lives. If you are planning one you will need to tackle the most important aspect of the planning process.

You can’t have the ultimate fairy tale wedding without a castle to get married in. While this is an ambitious undertaking it is not impossible to achieve. Though it is likely you don’t have the means to rent an actual castle, you can search for a wedding venue that has just as much magic to you. This could be anything from a beautiful park to a sprawling country club to a five star luxury hotel. Only you can decide what your ultimate vision for your wedding is, but having a castle of some sort is a very important aspect of any fairy tale wedding; even if it’s just made out of cardboard.

When you have acquired the venue of your dreams you will want to search for the dress of your dreams. For a fairy tale wedding you may not even want to limit yourself to the traditional white dress. A soft pink or rose wedding dress would likely make you look and feel like you just stepped out of a fairytale.

Planning for a fairy tale themed wedding gives you many options in d├ęcor, food, drinks and entertainment. You may choose to make your wedding simply feel like a fairy tale or may take inspiration from actual fairy tales from your childhood, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or Cinderella.

For a proper fairy tale wedding, consult with a local bartender and request that they create a signature cocktail for your wedding. They may be able to create a cocktail that will compliment your theme. This can also be a way to save money; many couples have a signature cocktail created for their wedding to avoid offering a full bar while still providing guests with adult drinks.

The way you arrive for your wedding is something that you and your guests will always remember. Though getting married at a castle is too ambitious for most people, you may be able to arrange to arrive at your wedding venue via a horse drawn carriage. You may also wish to leave your wedding the same way you arrived. This will only add to the fairy tale feel of your wedding.

Another way to bring the theme into your wedding is to rent a photo booth for the reception. You can find one that allows you to change the background whenever you want. Acquiring just the right backgrounds can turn pictures from your wedding into more meaningful reminders of the day and of what it means. It also allows your guests to enjoy themselves and get lost in the theme.

Creating a fairy tale wedding is something any couple can do if they put their minds to it. The magic of your favorite fairy tale will only enhance your wedding day.

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