Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wedding Theme Ideas That All Couples Should Know

Using Goldfish as your Wedding Centerpeices
There are literally hundreds of thousands of wedding reception themes and ideas that you can find online. Some of those ideas focus on the uniqueness factor of the wedding while some talks about saving money and affordability of the reception.

If your wedding (or someone you know) is just around the corner and you still haven’t decided about the theme, here are few tips and ideas that can certainly help. They answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to themed wedding reception.

Country Wedding

If you love cowboy hats or cowboys in general, this kind of wedding theme is the perfect choice. A country themed wedding reception is quite easy to pull. Sometimes, all you need is a cowboy hat, bandanas and cowboy boots. As for the wedding décor, you can go with horse shoes, hay bales and cowboy hats hanging on the walls. You can also decorate your wedding reception venue like a bar that you typically see in old western movies too.

Beach Wedding

Beach wedding is arguably one of the most popular themes for couples. This kind of theme involves simple and less expensive decors. There are some that uses real seashells and even fishnets as part of their theme decorations. If you want an idea for a creative centerpiece, you can also place a fishbowl with a couple of goldfish in it at the center of each table as part of your decoration. There’s an endless of ideas when it comes to beach wedding theme so better put your imagination to work.

Masquerade Wedding

This is a very nice and fun filled wedding theme that your guests and visitors will surely enjoy. You can ask your guests to bring their own hand held masks or provide one as they enter the reception grounds. You can decorate your venue with the same décor that you usually see in a masquerade ball. Throw in some crystals or shining objects around for the full effect of this unique wedding theme that anyone can do and follow.

Each and every theme above can make your wedding unique, memorable and one of a kind. Just get creative with your decorating and try to stick to a theme to make your wedding as magical as possible.

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