Friday, December 16, 2016

Should You Have A Spring Wedding?

Merits of Having a Spring Wedding
When choosing your wedding date, how likely are you to choose one in the spring? Many couples prefer getting married during this season than during any other. There are some questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not you would like to get married in the spring. Your answers to these questions will point you in the right direction.

How do you feel about pastel colored bridesmaid dresses? While some brides think they are too plain others know that their bridesmaids may prefer pastel colors to harsher colors. When your bridesmaids were pastel, each can choose her own color and the wedding party will still look coordinated. While pastel colors are frowned upon for summer, winter and fall weddings, they are popular for spring weddings.

Do you believe in the idea of re-birth? If you do, spring is the ideal season for you to get married in. The season is traditionally associated with renewals and re-births and for many couples it feels like the perfect time to make the transition from engaged to married.

Is an outdoor wedding venue something that appeals to you? Outdoor weddings are usually the most comfortable for your attendants and guests because the temperatures tend to avoid one extreme or the other. No couple wants their guests to be overheated or freezing cold during their wedding.

How do you feel about having flowers included in your celebration? Many types of flowers are in bloom during spring, making them more affordable and easier to obtain than they are the rest of the year. One popular choice among spring brides is cherry blossoms.

Do your friends and family have summer or winter vacations planned? Jet setting friends and family may find them traveling during these seasons and unable to attend your wedding as a result. Fewer people make plans for travel during the spring and with very few holidays you will have your choice of convenient dates.

Are you and your partner culinary superstars? If so, or even if you simply want to support local grocers and farmers, a spring time wedding provides you with the perfect excuse to incorporate the freshest, most healthy selection of fruits and vegetables to use when serving your guests. Farmers markets can be an excellent source of local produce.

Do you have your heart set on a popular wedding venue for your spring wedding? Summer is the most common season to get married in, so if you are eye a particular venue for your wedding chances are it may already be booked solid through the summer months. The rush to get married is usually slower in the spring, making it the ideal time to get married for your choice of venues.

These are the questions to ask yourself if you are contemplating whether or not you want to get married in the spring. In most cases, the more of these questions you answer yes to the more likely it is that a spring time wedding is ideal.

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