Friday, February 17, 2017

Best Types of Flowers for a Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Flowers
There is nothing quite like choosing flowers for a winter wedding. While you may have fewer choices in the winter than you would in the spring, there are many beautiful flowers that are the perfect accompaniment to a wedding held during cold weather.

For an elegant touch of class, silver is a great accent color during the winter. This makes flowers such as cymbidium orchids a perfect choice, but you can also choose to pair roses with anemones and even add some pine cones to the mix. Anemones also pair well with ranunculuses and sweet hydrangeas to make a dark but winter friendly d├ęcor.

Since red roses are so common for winter weddings, if you want a unique look, consider using peach roses instead. When including them in your bouquets a touch of red berries adds that little something extra you are probably looking for on your wedding day. Any color rose can even be paired with pines for a warm cozy winter feeling.

Roses can also be paired with flowers such as Queen Anne’s lace and chrysanthemums to create a pastel look for your wedding, If you like things delicate and fancy these may be the most appealing to you.

Centerpieces and bouquets for a winter wedding can benefit from the inclusion of succulents. These flowers are easy to obtain in the winter and can withstand any temperature. Like other flowers, succulents can also be used with pine and pinecones to make your wedding look and feel like a winter wonderland.

If you can get them, white poppies are also a great choice for winter wedding flowers. They are very trendy these days and you can pair them with any other color to complete your wedding day style.

A unique flower you may not have heard of, but one that fits any wedding perfectly, is the Bells of Ireland. The flowers got their name from the fact that they look like white bells. These long lasting flowers are bright and beautiful enough to make any winter wedding feel more elegant.

One of the most common flowers to use for a winter wedding is carnations and there is a good reason for that. They are available in many colors, including pale yellow, white, purple, salmon pink, and standard pink. The popularity of this flower at winter weddings may also be due to the fact that it is the official flower for the month of January.

Another common type of flower seen at winter weddings is the poinsettia. In addition to bright red, poinsettias can also be orange, purple and even marble. You can combine more than one color of poinsettias for an eye-catching winter wedding.

Last but not least, though it may seem a bit unconventional, it is not unusual to see winter brides use mistletoe as their wedding flowers. As long as you pair the mistletoe with bright whites and reds you’ll find that it’s the perfect way to complement a winter wedding.