Friday, April 28, 2017

Unusual Places to Get Married

Having Your Wedding at a Museum is Very Unique
Most couples get married in a church, synagogue, hotel or park and even at home. However, if you are looking for an unusual place to get married you have many options available to consider.

A new trend in wedding planning is to choose a local museum as your venue. The type of museum couples most often get married at is an art museum. Yet city, natural history and other types of museums are increasingly seeing requests from couples to get married there. One reason that many couples choose a museum such as these is that they are ensured there will be interesting conversation pieces at their wedding. It is possible at many museums to arrange for guests to have access to the exhibits during the cocktail hour, allowing you to keep your guests entertained without being present to do so.

Buildings that have long been abandoned from their original purpose can often make for an unusual and unique place to get married. This includes buildings that used to be factories and warehouses as well as airport hangars not in use. A venue in one of these buildings is often ideal for a larger wedding. They are also easy to decorate according to your wedding theme, as there is likely no décor already in use. When having your wedding in this type of venue it is often helpful to work with a wedding coordinator and event designer on things such as acquiring the proper liquor license for the reception.

Botanical gardens can make for a breathtaking beautiful wedding venue. One of the biggest benefits of having a wedding at one is that you don’t have to spend extra money on flowers. In addition, you may find wedding décor that helps set the mood for the day, such as a beautiful fountain or even a tree-lined path for the bride to walk down.

Bookworms often love the idea of having their wedding at a historical library. These libraries tend to boast stunning architecture that you would have difficulty finding at a more traditional wedding venue. It also makes it easy to plan your theme, which would likely be literary minded anyway. You can even choose a book from the library and have a portion of it read during the wedding ceremony. This can be a great way for couples to connect with their guests meaningfully.

Antiquing is becoming an increasingly popular trend among younger people than it ever has been before. As a result, antique stores are also becoming a desirable wedding venue for couples who like to think outside the box. They require virtually no decoration, as any antique store will have its own décor. It is easy to mix and match when preparing for your wedding reception as you will have access to unique glassware and centerpieces.

Your wedding day should be whatever you want it to be, and there is no reason why you should get married at a traditional venue if you don’t want to.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Delicious Summer Wedding Dinner Ideas

Tacos at a Summer Wedding
The food that you serve at your wedding will be something your guests remember for years to come. In order to ensure they are only good memories, you have to know which dishes is the best choice for a summertime wedding as they call for a very different menu than a wintertime wedding would.

Whether your wedding is being held indoors or outdoors the meal should start with a caprese salad. The colors and flavors that are in this salad make it perfect for a summer wedding. Not only will it look appealing on your guests dinner plates, they will start the meal with fresh vegetables and cheese, making it a healthy choice as well. The main course should include a delicate fish such as halibut. This fish is often served at weddings because it is affordable for most couples.

When setting the menu for your summer wedding don’t rule out soup. If you choose an indoor wedding venue in the summer, the air conditioning will usually be set to a very low temperature and the warm soup might be a treat for your chilly and hungry guests. There are many recipes that call for serving the soup cold and this can be a refreshing treat for your guests on a hot day. Some examples of cold soups that will enhance your big day include melon, cucumber, avocado and even gazpacho soup.

Though formal sit down dinners have been the traditional choice for wedding receptions, an increasing number of couples are choosing to serve a buffet instead. This allows you to have much more creativity when planning your wedding day menu.

One of the most popular choices for a wedding buffet is stations where your guests can put together their own customized taco or other similar food. You can also set up a similar station with fruits and vegetables. A wedding buffet is often the best choice for a large guest list, especially if you are inviting picky eaters to your wedding.

Barbecue stations are also a popular choice for summertime weddings. You can offer a variety of fried chicken and ribs as well as complimentary side dishes such as macaroni and cheese or corn on the cob.

For a fancier buffet you can set up a seafood table where guests can pick and choose from delicacies such as mussels, shrimp, oysters, cold lobster salad and more. By providing sauces and dips for your guests to choose from you are decreasing the likelihood that the food you serve at your wedding will go to waste.

To put a new twist on the food served consider striking a deal with a local food truck for your wedding to offer a particular type of cuisine. Regardless of the type of cuisine you desire it is likely possible to find a food truck that serves it. This idea works best for outdoor weddings. You may even choose to have multiple food trucks at your wedding reception in order to feed everyone without anyone having to stand in line for too long.

You can and should be as creative as possible when it comes to choosing what you are going to serve your hungry wedding guests.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Should You Bring Your Dog to Your Wedding?

Including your Dog in your Wedding
They say dog is a man’s best friend and if you want yours at your wedding you may be debating whether or not that is a good idea. The truth is that it depends on several things about your wedding day and those who will be sharing it with you.

The first thing to consider is that your wedding venue may not allow dogs on the premises. Even if your dog is well trained and you follow the practices of responsible dog ownership, it is best to contact your venue if you are thinking about bringing your dog so you can find out in advance whether or not they are welcome. If they are, be ready to discuss any rules or limitations with them pertaining to your dog being there. At the very least, most venues that do allow dogs insist you keep them on a leash the whole time they are on the property.

Another thing to consider is your dog’s personality. If he or she gets scared, skittish or dangerous when other people are around you will likely want to avoid including them in your wedding. Depending on the breed of dog you have an upset or scared dog can hurt your guests and may even hurt themselves.

You should also take into consideration the guests you are inviting to your wedding, as well as those who are members of the wedding party. If any of them has an allergy to dogs it is best to determine if that can be dealt with on your wedding day. While some people who are allergic to dogs can take an OTC medication and be fine, others may have a severe allergic reaction, putting a damper on your wedding for them as well as for you.

The flowers you have at your wedding are something else you need to think about if you want your dog to be there. Certain flowers such as poinsettias are poison to dogs, so if you are using this flower it is better to leave your dog out of the nuptials.

Having a dog at your wedding is a big responsibility, but having a dog at your wedding can be a big help, too. Someone has to commit to keeping the dog with them for the duration of the ceremony. While you may want your dog to walk down the aisle acting as an alternate ring bearer, someone will need to watch the dog for the remainder of the ceremony and then will need to take him or her home before arriving for the reception.

Small breeds of dogs and older dogs often have problems controlling their bladder or bowels. Consider what would happen if your dog makes a mess on the floor during your wedding or at any time while he or she is there. Unless you are sure they can and will hold it, you may want to nix the idea of including them in your wedding.

These are all the things that need to be taken into consideration before you decide if having your dog at your wedding is the right decision for you.