Friday, April 28, 2017

Unusual Places to Get Married

Having Your Wedding at a Museum is Very Unique
Most couples get married in a church, synagogue, hotel or park and even at home. However, if you are looking for an unusual place to get married you have many options available to consider.

A new trend in wedding planning is to choose a local museum as your venue. The type of museum couples most often get married at is an art museum. Yet city, natural history and other types of museums are increasingly seeing requests from couples to get married there. One reason that many couples choose a museum such as these is that they are ensured there will be interesting conversation pieces at their wedding. It is possible at many museums to arrange for guests to have access to the exhibits during the cocktail hour, allowing you to keep your guests entertained without being present to do so.

Buildings that have long been abandoned from their original purpose can often make for an unusual and unique place to get married. This includes buildings that used to be factories and warehouses as well as airport hangars not in use. A venue in one of these buildings is often ideal for a larger wedding. They are also easy to decorate according to your wedding theme, as there is likely no décor already in use. When having your wedding in this type of venue it is often helpful to work with a wedding coordinator and event designer on things such as acquiring the proper liquor license for the reception.

Botanical gardens can make for a breathtaking beautiful wedding venue. One of the biggest benefits of having a wedding at one is that you don’t have to spend extra money on flowers. In addition, you may find wedding décor that helps set the mood for the day, such as a beautiful fountain or even a tree-lined path for the bride to walk down.

Bookworms often love the idea of having their wedding at a historical library. These libraries tend to boast stunning architecture that you would have difficulty finding at a more traditional wedding venue. It also makes it easy to plan your theme, which would likely be literary minded anyway. You can even choose a book from the library and have a portion of it read during the wedding ceremony. This can be a great way for couples to connect with their guests meaningfully.

Antiquing is becoming an increasingly popular trend among younger people than it ever has been before. As a result, antique stores are also becoming a desirable wedding venue for couples who like to think outside the box. They require virtually no decoration, as any antique store will have its own décor. It is easy to mix and match when preparing for your wedding reception as you will have access to unique glassware and centerpieces.

Your wedding day should be whatever you want it to be, and there is no reason why you should get married at a traditional venue if you don’t want to.

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